Scared to go to bed after panic attack

So I'm 18, finished college and supposedly have no worries in my life but I've now had 2 panic attacks on consecutive weekends and ever since then I've been scared to go to bed. My first panic I happened to be drunk and have nearly a complete blackout in my memory, however my second I was completely sober trying to sleep and I suddenly felt like my heart was stopping and I was going to die. I'd been struggling to breathe for the last few days and have struggled ever since. (I am asthmatic but only very mildly).

I had an ambulance come to the house but the paramedics said everything was fine and I'd just had a panic attack and it would wear off soon.

But ever since I have been terrified to go to sleep. I have better days but most nights I feel so anxious and tight chested and sick, I get indigestion and chest pains etc. and I normally can't fall asleep until I'm physically too exhausted to stay awake. I'm also much worse at my boyfriends house where I had both attacks but obviously can't avoid staying there.

I try to distract myself but it's a lot easier said than done and I feel exhausted. Help?


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  • Hi sounds like the asthma is playing you up and this can cause anxiety I to have mild asthma but some times get a few days where my breathing feels weird got Dr to check my chest and it was all clear.she gave me steroid tablets to keep at home and said its asthma flair up and if it gets any worse start the steroid tablets.I found the flair up can trigger the anxiety as it makes you feel short of you take preventer medication ? Brown steroid spray ? Morning and night to help keep the asthma at bay ? Try to do some breathing exercises to help your anxiety and to relax you ,do them at bedtime to help you to sleep ,hope you feel better soon.

  • Thankyou for replying to me! I feel better knowing that someone is listening.

    I did go to the doctors and she gave me the steroid inhaler but I haven't managed to start it yet, do you find it's helped you?

    I take the blue one occasionally but I've been a bit put off since my attack as I took too much and made my heart rate ridiculously high.

    I have also tried breathing exercises but they don't seem to help. I find it makes me more panicky when I think about my breathing so am better off finding a distraction I think.

  • Hi since I have had the brown inhailer my breathing is so much better.I dont use the blue inhailer very often either due to it giving me palpitations .but I do use if I'm feeling start the brown inhailer as it really does work.

  • Okay I will definitely start using it then. Thankyou so much for your help, I hope it works for me too!

  • Give it a day or two to kick in but it will work it hasn't got any side affects either .keep in touch hope you are soon feeling much better.

  • I'm here for you! I know the feeling . It's weird for two nights now I couldn't sleep right since I was in the er sick with a virus . . All I wish I could find is someone to love me and hold me when I get bad lol but in my head I feel like no ones gonna put up with me .

  • Do either of you ever feel like your here but your not here ? Idk how to explain it

  • Thankyou for being here for me, I still can't sleep! 😩 You will find someone one day who loves you and will do anything to make sure you're happy. Fortunately for me I have already found that person and I feel so much safer around him so you will find that too!

    And yes I know exactly what you mean! I've started getting really light headed sometimes and spaced out.

    Hope you're okay

  • I just hate the feeling of being constantly alone even when I'm not

  • You can always talk to me if you need to feel less alone. I get what you're going through and it always helps to talk to someone about it

  • I'm always afraid to talk lol because people will get sick of me lol

  • Trust me I could do with the company too. You've just got to talk to someone who understands

  • I can feel you sister. And with the Asthma, panic attacks can be quite difficult. But don't worry too much about it (asthma) if it's under control and the doctor gave you medics. It's the anxiety that you must take under control, because it can make the asthma even worse. Have you seen a doctor? If you didn't you must see one ASAP he can help you to manage your anxiety before it's too late.. Mine is so out of control because i couldn't admit or accept that i need medical help. And my other advice is that the drinking make it a lot worse. I hope you'll be fine

  • Hey Sara

    Yes it's definitely the anxiety that I need help with at the mo but I can't seem to find anything that works for me.

    What do you do to help?

  • I nnow it's hard, but you have to control it and not surrender to it. The best thing is to keep yourself preoccupied by something.. always, do things that ypu love it helps you to be relaxed. You musn't stay alone with your thoughts. For the sleeping issues, well, if you were busy all day and really tired you will sleep very well. I use some herbal infusions, rosemary, lavender and vervain these are very relaxing and helps you get a good sleep (it can be used with milk instead of water). Changing your eating habits, less carbs more fibers and good proteins are also friends with the stomach. Sports are very important too... Well and alcohol doesn't help a lot 😕 And you need to talk about this with family and loved ones it helps a lot if they are supportive 😊

  • Last month I had a really bad panic attack when I was sleeping over at my boyfriend's (because of weed) my heart was beating so fast and I was struggling to breathe I thought I was going to die. He drove me to the hospital but we didn't go in I managed to slightly calm myself down.

    I remember feeling so bad, and alone. The next 2 weeks were hell, going to the er, getting tests done, feeling frustrated because everything was 'fine', feeling so hopeless I couldn't see the good in anything, I couldn't even imagine the future. I had chest tightness, chills, nausea, a new symptom everyday . I felt like a burden on my bf and family I was constantly apologizing.

    I have such a loving, patient boyfriend who was there for me the whole time.

    I'm doing better now, saw more doctors, they said I'm healthy and I'm slowly feeling better. Accepted the fact that it's anxiety or health anxiety and I'm getting through it. And you will too I promise.

    I noticed the more I worried over my breathing the worse I would feel. I felt like I had to focus on each breath or I'd stop breathing.

  • Emily,

    Do you think you have experienced trauma in your life? I'm 54 and last fall was diagnosed with chronic ptsd. I was shocked that my chaotic childhood could have such an effect on me at my age. The reason is, is because our bodies remember even though our mind can't remember or discounts it. It is worth considering while your young as you could deal with things younger than have many years of panic and fear.

    It could also be something(s) your diet needs more or less of. For me my breathing was short and my heart would race and after many stress tests and other tests my heart is fine. It was my adrenals that were overused and shorting out. My naturopath suggested phosphadal serene to slow down my overactive cortisol. Sure enough I feel more normal than I have in decades, perhaps my whole life. Cortisol raises when we are in a fearful or stressful situation and in my case I lived like that. It made a calm that I've never known. Check out how chemicals effect our feelings and you'll see our feelings are trying to tell us something. It's not about you or your worth as a person. Feelings come and go so find the underlining chemical reason for them.

  • I find that listening to calming music really helps me. You might want to try:

    It's very relaxing and tranquil.

    Also, I drink chamomile or sleepy time tea before I go to bed and have a small healthy snack, stay away from the news and/or upsetting programs/videos and envision tranquil and peaceful images.

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