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HI everyone I am new here I am looking for some help bc i feel like i am the only one that feels this way I feel like i am going crazy

I panic 24/7 i am scared all the time its so hard for me to leave my house any more ...I have head pressure all the time and feel light headed and my heart races and i cant sleep at night my eyes feel as is i am having a hard time seeing out of them and i keep dry mouth all the time ..i have had panic attacks since i was 16 I am 32 now and this last year they have gotten so bad that i am so scared there is something more then just anxiety and panic...if there is anyone who has or has had this please help

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Hi, welcome to the site. You have come to the right place to talk about your symptoms. We all at one point or another have felt the same as you.

You've not mentioned if you have seen your GP.mi would advise that you try and speak to them, if you cannot go try and get a phone appt. I do feel from your post you do need some help.

Try and take some deep breaths and is there anything you can do to distract yourself from your feelings?

Other people from the site will probably pop on and give you some advise as well.

Take care xx


Hi and welcome :)

First of all well done for coming on here and sharing your story.

You are not alone hunni, we've all been there and know how you are feeling. Have you been to the doctors? If not make an appointment and get checked out. I can recommend a couple of websites/apps. and headspace both are good and helpful. I use a lavender spray in my room before bed and I have a night tea by pukka. You can get this in any supermarket.

Look in to cbt,mention this to doctor, as he will be able to refer you. Stay away from google, just makes you worse.

Try keep a journal, write down everything. Lastly talk on here, we're very friendly bunch and will be happy to help. Hugs xxx

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Hi,I've got the same as you and its bloody horrible but the symptoms you are saying are all due to don't panic.have u been to your doctor?x



Welcome :-)

You will find now you have found this site you are not on your own with how you feel

Keep coming on & talking it really helps :-)





yes i have been to doctors and the have done MRI and EKG and everything was fine its has been a little over a year since i have been back to the doctor bc there for a long time i was fine and one day i was in my car going down the road and i got this warm feeling in the pit of my stomach like i couldn't get my breath and i rushed home and panic for like two hours over that feeling that i couldn't breath and was about to pass out and since then i have not been back to that part of town i dont go very far from my home when i do go out and its getting to where all i do is panic


Hi Babyblues.

You are now part of our little community and as long as your on this site you will never be the only one feeling like you do because we have all been exactly where you are. Now you have found us we will be here to talk to and help as best we can, you will find help, advice and support and most of all someone to talk to that understands how you feel.

:) Kenny xxx


Dear Babyblue81,

Welcome to this site.


Marcus xxx


I would like to thank every one for welcoming me has been hard to fight this on my own and i talk to my fiance and my mom but its hard for the to understand how i feel and what i am going through ..i already feel a little better just knowing i am not alone and there are others like me out there so thank y'all so much for letting me know i am not crazy this is real


It is hard for people that don't suffer to understand but you will never be short of people understanding you on here :-)

And no you are not crazy , you have anxiety but with each step you take just like today talking on here it will get better :-)



Im new also! And like you ive had a rough year to say the least. Been to er multiple times ambulance ride etc, have been to multiple docs with symptoms being chest pain, hard to breathe, heavy head feeling, heavy limbs, shakey, ear ringing, dizzy ness off balance. Have had a mri, ekgs, blood work etC. What ive learned is apparently im extremely healthy but being anxious causes issues. Shoot my bp was 190/ 99 when in a bad attack once its crazy anxiety does this. Your definitely not alome


Hi and welcome to the site

We all know how you feel. It's great here we all support each other. I hope you find it helpful being here xxxxx


thank you i am feeling better just knowing i am not alone with this


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