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Hi I'm not sure what to do i am on citropram and I'm not sure if I'm feeling suicidal i have not talked about it or made plans I'm not sure if i want to end my life at this moment i feel i want to do something but have no idea what tho i have a tight pain in my chest and feel like I'm going to freak out which leads to a bad panic​ attack i feel i need some help but not sure what kind of help i have never self harmed or want to my husband said its my anxiety but this feeling is new so I'm not sure it is my anxiety the Samaritans help line is engaged has been for ages so I've texted them any advice would be great full and if any one else who has had suicidal thoughts before tell me if I'm having them please


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  • Hello, the description you've given us is what definitely sounds like anxiety. The tight chest pain, that you mention, can be from the anxiousness you are feeling. It causes something called the 'flight or fright' system, which means to either flee from it or fight it. Part of this stress response includes tightening in the body's muscles so that they are more resilient to damage. And due to the fact that there are muscles in your chest, that is where the pain comes from. You need to find a way to relax yourself a little more, to slow down your thoughts so you can catch up with them and take deep breaths. To occupy your mind. You can go and see a therapist to assist you in dealing with this. Regarding your question of suicidal thoughts, no, I don’t think you are. You would most likely feel more depressed, that you feel worthless in this world, and you would know if you wanted to end your life, or start planning it. To me, you just sound very paranoid. But if you ever feel like ending your life, please call a suicide hotline. Ending your life should never be a choice. You can get through with what you're dealing with, if you put your mind to it. You have a purpose in life, hence why you are here. All the best x

  • I do suffer with anxiety i got the chest pain about 20 minutes​ off worrying i have done the breathing and it has not helped i feel like i want to get up and do something but not sure what tho i am trying to think positive like my husband said i do have a purpose my hubby n children i am in a waiting list to see my therapist again so we can try re train my Brian as all it does is go to negative thoughts if i wanted to self harm I'd know what to do right ? I am thinking i want to self harm but not sure how to do it by maybe that's part of my panic

  • yes, breathing doesn't help me too. But when you talk about self-harming, please know that it's also never the right answer for you. It will just be a waste of time when you can just try your best to help yourself, to see someone, to try anything that works for you. You want to stop feeling like this, right? well harming yourself isn't going to do anything other than make things worse, on yourself and your family. What kind of answers will you get out of harming yourself? Nothing.

    Coming from someone with experience, it took me a while to learn to thin positively, to stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and just life in the present time. But i eventually got it, and if i can do it, so can you.

  • I think that's me ' WHAT IFS" and can not think positive that's why I'm.going back to my therapist and with the self harm i know it can take your mind of the anxiety pain for a little bit i don't want to do it my head is saying do it just like last week i had an urge to strangle my self ( first time) i left the feeling there but then i out my hand on my throat and after a few seconds i said to my self what am i doing stop so i did n didn't do it again and the day after i didn't have that feeling that feeling n urge was new to me

  • well that's good that you stopped yourself, it's never a good thing to do, to harm yourself. Just remember that. When you put the words 'what' and 'if' together, they have the ability to control your life, but you have to let them. Stop worrying about the 'what ifs,' you don't know what will happen in the future. Just live in present time, with what you have now and work on things to help you

  • The what it's are not about the future it's like what if i become suicidal while on my medication the ones I have been on for a long time and what if my anxiety causes me to have depression as well as anxiety stuff like that

  • that is about the future though, it hasn't happened yet, but you're worrying about if it will happen. But you shouldn't worry because you don't know.

  • That is true but telling my head not to worry is like trying to win the lotto just ain't happening I'm not sure what to do about the feeling of wanting to get up and do something should i ignore it or get up and see what i do

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