Anxiety- fear over nothing

Hi guy I notice I keep on getting scared and worrying out of no where over the stupidest things like what if there was acid in my drink when I know there wasn't any? It's like the feeing comes on and I have to find some thoughts to occupy this feeing it's really awful and I get it all the time! And when I worry about something so stupid like that it's make me start too think more like does this mean I'm crazy ect, anyone know this feeling/ how too help it I've been to the gp and in theropy and I know I'm not mad but won't stop me thinking about it. Also I keep thinking of syptoms of serious mental health problem like some that come with schizophrenia and it scares the hell out of me because i don't want too develop it. I'm at the end of my tether with this anxiety bullshit and fee so trapped with in my body anyone got any good I really need some atm


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  • Hey there! I'm exactly the same most days. I went through a really hard patch 6 months ago after a engagement break up and that bought on a lot of anxiety and depression for me. It's nearly all behind me now as I have met someone else. But nearly everyday I still have periods of anxiety come over me. I think it must be a habit my mind and body have gotten into and will need to break it.

  • You are describing the classic symptoms of anxiety. The first thing is this - you can't 'develop' schizophrenia by thinking about it. The second thing is - therapy is a process, and it takes time. It might be that you have not been going long enough, or maybe it is not the right therapy for you. It might help if you are able to develop some coping mechanisms, e.g distraction techniques. You are not crazy. Anxiety is a real illness. Speak with your therapist about how you are feeling and remember that therapy is a process that will take time to yield results. I wish you well.

  • I know the feeling,I get scared more at weekends. I feel scared now but don't know why it's very strange and I get more scared of being scared

  • "Scared of being scared" That says it all.

  • Hi LHall 123 I've been there still am your not going mad the mind is a powerful tool i worry all the time about different things.i worry about death illness weird dreams that starts my tinnitus off I've had councilling many times.we got to think what is happening in our lives now not yesterday i use to worry about the food i eat but be assured there's NO acid think positive my the ingredients if that helps you. Good luck.

  • I had this after a stressful period in my life. Its all linked to the hormones, its a rush of adrenaline that puts your body into a flight readiness and when you aren't expecting it all of a sudden you are on high alert and ready to run a marathon. I am sure I read somewhere its low cortisol which does this. I had it the other day, out of the blue, and now I recognise it I drink some coconut water, have something to eat and go for a walk and know that its not in your head its your hormones. I am sure someone will give you more details. I too saw a psychologist, and got me worrying over all sorts of things. Now I have my hormones more or less sorted they have gone away and given me more confidence in my life. I take rhodiola, ashwagandha and good B vits but do see someone about your adrenal, thyroid, pituitary problem. Just remember you are not going mad, once you recognise its an adrenal rush but it gets you into a worry state about why. Its just like a hot flush in the menopause. I hope that has helped, I wish I knew years ago. I am feeling really good now. Try a herbalist to calm the anxiety to start for a quick fix then get the hormones checked. A calming tea is good and I used Rescue Remedy. x

  • Fear of fear ,it is hell.

  • Hi! I think I can help you. The reason you are thinking like this is that you are over analyzing, which means you are actually very smart. You are dwelling on your thoughts and freaking out because you know the difference between right and wrong. Mentally ill people cannot differ between the two, and end up in a mental hospital. You however no it's not normal to think this way. I recommend you reading a book called, from Panic to Power. This book helped me so much with my anxiety, I know it will help you too. Good luck!

  • Sorry for these difficult feelings. I know them all too well. YOU are not crazy! But it sounds like severe anxiety is getting you into a loop - that is worrying about the consequences of your anxiety. NO anxiety is bad, it is just your mind reacting to a stimulus that your psyche wants to protect itself. If you can forgive yourself and let go (if possible) of some of your self critical thinking, it will help. You are doing good things - posting here AND being in therapy.

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