Central Vertigo... So scared

So I've been feeling dizzy and basically rubbish for a year now. I had balance testing the other day and the test people seem concerned that it is central vertigo, this means something is wrong with my brain :( since Wednesday my anxiety is so bad, I keep shaking, my vertigo and dizziness is really bad and I can't think of anything else than what could happen with this vertigo and my results :(

Please help some one. I'm scared I'm going to loose everything. I thought this vertigo was just anxiety now it's looking lint it's not :(


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  • Oh dear you poorthing-what a worry. But maybe if theyfind what is wrong itmay not be too serious and they can treat you and make things much better for you. Its the not knowing thats the worst bit. Have you got long to wait before you see the dr again? Try some distraction if you can.xx

  • Well I phoned the ENT secretary and she said I don't need an urgent appointment so its a 4 week wait now.

    I am assuming that its not urgent is a good thing! Its just everything I see about central vertigo is all about MS, Strokes, Tumours etc :(

  • Hi fedup

    I can understand your fear , I really can & all sorts will be running through your mind , we always think the worse , which then causes more fear & then more anxiety & then the Vertigo will feel worse

    I have suffered with Vertigo myself , but seems to be under control

    Of course you will have read or thought of the worse saronio this could be , but as they are not wanting to see you for 4 weeks , I would really try , even though I no its not easy , to push those thoughts to one side

    If it was really serious , they wouldnt wait , they would have you straight in , would be more than their jobs were worth not to

    I am sure it will be something they can sort out & you will feel a lot better , once they have & this will help your anxiety to get your vertigo under control, meanwhile as hard as it is , keep hold of that thought , keep posting & people will help you get through the next 4 weeks till you go for your appointment :)




  • Thank you so much for your response.. At the end of the day worrying about it isn't going to make it go away.. I just need to put that saying into practise!

    I just looked at google which scared me as its literally saying oooo numb face and vertigo must be something to do with my nerves and something has damaged those nerves :( I have had these symptoms for a year now, mostly the numbness and tingling in the face and the vertigo/dizziness. It is honestly ruining my life and I just want to get better :(

  • Well fedup

    I get numbness in my face , migraines & not vertigo as bad as you but I get it

    After a year though something more would have happened if it was really serious , major things dont last that long

    Please try & not google , worse thing you could do & you will focus on the worse possible outcome , as we always do

    I no its not easy , but you will get through this , 4 more weeks will soon go & hopefully your mind will be put at rest

    Keep talking on here & we will do our best to try & support you


  • Hi fedup

    It is hard waiting for a diagnosis, and the vertigo etc. must be hard to cope with. Is it constant, and does it interfere with your going out? If so, you can get aids and alarms to help keep you safe (just sorting out things with my alarm system!)

    Internet searches can raise anxiety a lot, and it's certainly best avoided! The chances are that this isn't a serious condition, and they may be able to help with some balance re-educating exercises. Try to keep strong for the four weeks and remember we are here for you.

    Ann xx

  • Thank you again for your kind responses. Well it was keeping me housebound but I started a new job in May and since then I've just gone for it really and tried to tackle it! It's ruining my life as I'm not enjoying things I'm just constantly fearful something will happen :(

  • I had vertigo once, it is the worst thing ever. I do occasionally still go dizzy.

    It's horrid when you get told something, your brain goes into overdrive and thinks of everything and worse! As for google I think it's the devils work and should be banned.

    I constantly think something bad will happen, if someone asks me what's the worst that can happen I always say ill die!

    Take care and try to do a bit of relaxation it might help xxx

  • Thank you. Well I had a sort of clear MRI in January apart from a cyst but the neurosurgeon assures me that it's nothing. It's just these people have said that it is central vertigo. As soon as I google central vertigo it's just scare scare scare :( I have another MRI next week and I'm petrified of what they will find :( I will try relaxing and see how I get on... Thank you :)

  • Try not to google it's the worst thing ever. I have had leg pain, cramps and muscle twitching for nearly six months and I am convinced I have motor neuron disease although all the doctors say I haven't. Sometimes you need a diagnosis. Good luck I will be thinking about you

  • hello fedup36

    I too have been dizzy for over a year and had the balance test (not nice) cos i get so dizzy, they said my balance was ok but said they wanted me to have a CT head scan which i went for on Sunday and like you i'm now thinking why and would could it be.(worry worry) I 'm also guilty of googling constantly which i now know i made myself 10 times worse so i'm trying not to google symptoms anymore but i can't promise. I agree will other posts, you would of had an appointment straight away if it was something sinister but as their leaving it a month that says to me there's nothing urgent and they will sort it and you will be as good as new. i'm trying to think of anything but how i feel and hopefully in time my anxiety will buzz off. love & hugs x

  • I seemed to pass all the other tests well and they couldn't find anything wrong with my balance it was the test where they put water in my ears.. (I honestly thought I was about to die it was awful!) that's where the abnormal result came up. I have an mri on Monday but that's to check my cyst hasn't got bigger rather than this. I am assuming if it was a stroke or blood vessel damage I would know by now and I wouldn't feel rotten for a whole year.. I just feel constantly sick and tense and not sure what to do with myself :( Have they said what yours could be? x

  • No I'm no wiser until i get the results from the CT scan. The water in the ears test was horrendous, i'm never going to have that done again i rather walk sideways and bump into things. oh dear what are we going to do with ourselves. I will let you know when i get my results and we can compare xx

  • Hi Hun, u say ur waiting to see ENT? If it was worrying then u would see someone quickly. Has anyone mentioned a neurologist? Xx

  • Well I've seen a neurosurgeon who looked at my first MRI and she said the only thing she can see is the cyst but its nothing to worry about. A neurologist hasn't been mentioned.

    I've got a mri which was booked after my last one for next week more for my reassurance the neurosurgeon said. And then seeing the ENT will my balance results on the 4th.

    Thanks x

  • Oh fedup

    Thats good news , I hope that has given you some peace of mind & you feel a little more relaxed about it all

    Remember she said its nothing to worry about & if they thought it was , they wouldnt have said that & sent you home

    I am really pleased for you :)




  • I suppose... I just don't know what they class as serious you see :( The audiologists seemed a bit worried that's all and that's scared me :( I wake up feeling anxious at the moment and that hasn't happened before and its horrible :(

  • Morning fedup

    Well I am not a doctor , but over the years , I have picked up & i am sure i am right , that if they say something is serious , it would mean it needs seeing to ASP , or something could happen & thats when there would be no going home , or they would have you in with in a couple of days & be doing something

    The fact they are leaving you & just having you back on what sounds like a normal appointment says ,says there is a cyst , but its not harmful to you & they are going to check things , as thats what their job is

    I no its not easy , but as you are under their care , they wouldnt dare leave you 4 weeks , they would see you before

    I went to the hospital , with what I thought was a cyst on my neck , turned out to be nothing , but as the consultant was looking , until they had scanned me , I took one look at his face & the fact he said " I dont think " I was straight in there saying , what do you mean "dont think " wrong words to say to me , I have to hear 110% its not , which is impossible to say to anyone , but I was convinced he looked worried & wasnt telling me everything

    I was nearly passing out waiting for the scan & having to go back in & see him , & yet he was right , he said he didnt think there was anything wrong , as much as a doctor can say , but normally they are right , they do no what to look for & it was all fine

    You will be waking up , feeling anxious as its playing on your mind & the fear is still there , even when we are sleeping & fear turns into anxiety , & thats what is happening & feeling , but when you get peace of mind again , I am sure this will stop

    I do strongly believe , you are getting good care & they no what they are doing & they dont think this is serious enough to see you any quicker , which as difficult as that is when its happening to us , try & tell yourself thats a good thing , I would worry if they said , get straight in here now , then it would maybe time to be concerned

    I am sure this anxious feeling you are getting will pass when you have peace of mind again , which you will :)



  • i had this go to doctor think it is meneres diesere go to doctor i had to get a ear operaion think this could or couldnot not wrong please check its a terrible think i had it for15 years till they found out what it was sasha5b

  • Why Why thank you for your response... had me in tears! I hope I will be ok, my other half keeps saying if some thing was really wrong something would have happened by now. At the end of the day it hasn't stopped me doing anything, I mean I walked 60 miles last week and was fine other than the odd vertigo spell! Im the same as you I listen to things in far to much detail. When I phoned the ENTs secretary and I couldn't make the appointment on the 3rd she was like are you sure you can't make it then... Im having one on the 4th but the fact she said are you sure you can't make it has really stuck in my head!

    Hi Sasha, I think they have ruled our Menieres and anything to do with my ears, they think its coming centrally as I have a vertical nystagmus when looking upwards which means something! As well as a hyperactive result in one ear from the caloric test!

    Thanks for all your support..

  • I honestly would try not to worry then Hun. It looks like u have seen the top people. The trouble is some people on healthcare don't realise that the response

    they give can leave is worrying. I was the same told my ECG had changes on it and that panicked me and started this whole thing off. After seeing a cardiologist and being told its nothing when u have that on ur ECG it could be related to anxiety as my bp, cholestrol and everything else are all low and minimal risk factors. I struggle to accept this so I know what ur going through. My gp told me I had angina and freaked me out as Iam only 30 and the cardiologist was horrified. Keep ur chin up as Iam sure all will be fine xxx

  • You may have labyrinthitis which is a horrible illness but one which you can recover from. I had it for weeks and it affected my anxiety as well. Try not to let your mind run riot although having been there it is not an easy thing to do. I hope you feel better soon and get a positive diagnosis which will help you seek an end to this. Keep positive. My thoughts are with you. I am just heading off to hospital myself at the moment for a diagnosis so I understand your fears. Chin upx

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