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Feeling a bit bad again!

I haven't been on for ages and ages but recently I've started the whole health anxiety thing again and it's becoming a nightmare I can't stop thinking the worst about everything that happens. I've managed to keep myself away from google so I know I'm stronger in that sense. But I just can't seem to understand why I feel anxious and how I can get sudden anxiety when I'm feeling completely normal. This automatically makes me think something is wrong! Part of me knows that everything's okay but then another little niggling part of me (anxiety) fills me with dread and makes me sick to my stomach thinking that something is wrong! I'm fed up of feeling like I'm getting my life back on track then all of a sudden I feel like I'm losing my mind! I had a very traumatic experience 2 years ago now and I was very unwell afterwards. I don't think I've ever recovered from the fear that it will happen again. It leaves me exhausted! Sorry for the essay just needing someone in a good frame of mind to tell me I'm being silly! I wish I could just think logically but it's just not that easy sometimes 😔

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Hi. Well that was a very lucid post and shows good insight. :-) The way I see it is like this - if I have say an infection in my throat and i am given medication - I would expect that I would be healed. However, sometimes we did not get the right medication or the right amount. So it might appear that the infection is gone but it is actually still there clinging on. And after a while it will reestablish itself again - maybe even worse than before.

Same with anxiety - it can appear it is defeated and cured - but it is clever, and has hidden more deeply than anyone suspected.

I think you are right to point to the traumatic event from the past - it is very likely that something associated with that has triggered the anxiety again. So its nothing to do with you being silly or imagining it - if you have the same symptoms and feelings as before then very likely the anxiety is back . You are not losing your mind.

That might not seem a very positive out come - but there is a positive angle. Previous treatment - I am assuming therapy - helped you, and it can again. Sometimes people leave therapy too early because the symptoms disappear.

Of course it may also be that you are having an isolated incidence of anxiety for some reason - only time will tell you if that is the case. If the symptoms and feelings persist well you know how to tackle them. Even better if it is just a temporary episode.



I never had therapy! I'm starting to think I should have done after everything happened. Looking back I really think it would have been a good idea. no matter how relaxed I feel something will remind me of what happened and I feel panicky like something bad is going to happen! Thanks for replying x


That surprises me. I felt sure you would have been offered therapy. Never too late though. I hope you feel better soon.

Karl x


This sounded just like me, I also had a rough time nearly 2 years ago. Still messes with my head now. I've had anxiety for about 7 years but was improving up until 2 years ago, and it spiralled out of control. You really should get some therapy, it might be just what you need to take that final step. I'm waiting for some more therapy, hopefully in a few weeks time

Hope your ok x


Therapy scares me aswell though haha I can't win. I've come so close to having it before but I just get really anxious and worry about breaking down in tears. I'd love to hear more about your experience with it?xx


I wouldn't worry about breaking down in tears, I always feel like crying, but there used to it and it can do you good to cry and let it all out, when you keep it inside, it makes things worse. I had cbt about 4 years ago and it really did help, I wasn't better but things for me had definetly improved. I feel I need more help due to what happened and feeling worse than ever, all what I learnt seem to have gone and I need extra help dealing with it x


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