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How can I get back to thinking positive!?

Hi everyone so lately I’ve been kinda fighting with my anxiety & I’m getting anxiety stress , I stress my self out with these bad nagtive thoughts :(

I’ve been trying my best to think positive about everything but it seems like I’ve been just thinking so nagtive that now my brain is just always thinking bad thoughts now , I always think I’m going crazy cause of my bad thoughts, I keep reminding my self with bad thoughts, I just wanna be happy and be here for my daughter . I think about her a lot and it feels like I’m just thinking wrong about her a lot like about her health and my health too . I’m always up late thinking wrong 😣 . How do I stop this and make my self think good things and not be scared of my thoughts anymore !? Anyone else get this ?? . I’m starting to have muscle tension & anxious & chest pains how much I’m stressing about this :(

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I sometimes think our thoughts cone from a feeling first, in other words you feel down so you think down.

Do you take medication, maybe some anti depressants will help you short term till your mood alters along with your thinking.


I don’t wanna be in pills & make me wanna be on them thinking they will always help


Hello my name is Izzy first off how old is your daughter? It’s seems like your feeling everything I felt after having my son I got really bad postpartum depression anxiety OCD a few months after he was born just bad thoughts fear of death my health my kids health crazy crazy stuff I felt like I was going crazy until I looked for help and I’m going on 2 years with my Zoloft medicine and it’s helped no I’m not 100% fine but it’s done something, so just keep your head up there is hope! God Bless

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My baby girl just turned 2 years old :)

But I noticed every since she was 6 months I had bad anxiety and bad thoughts , it wasn’t as bad but ever since I lost my mom a year ago I just had bad thoughts about death and my fear of anxiety, thank yo Igor the feed back


Buy some if these if you don't want to take prescription medication. These are a mineral and help with depression and anxiety, read the review. They're non addictive.



Yea I would really encourage you to get help don’t be afraid there is hope! Take care God Bless


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