Vacation from work, really bad anxiety!!! What am I missing?

I am on vacation until next Thursday and it is not starting good. I almost ran out of the house to the nearest Emergency Room. I have been really lazy today and have done nothing but sleep on and off. I finally got up and made dinner and some brownies after going to store. While cooking I started to sweat, and my head felt funny like something bad was going to happen. I just kept cooking and then eating all the while feeling like I need to run. That's when I get on here. Focusing on reading or writing takes my mind off the way I feel for awhile. I can't stand feeling like I'm dying all the time. My head still feels funny, thinking a relaxing bath, and some relaxation tapes might help.


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  • Maybe start your day by doing chores? Get up and make your bed! I hope you feel better and enjoy your time off more...don't worry everything will be okay 🙏🤗👍😋

  • Thank you! 😊

  • As you have already started to do by writing your post it helps to write down how your feeling during times of anxiety. Getting it off your chest and out of your mind helps. Maybe take time to write it down in a personal journal will help ease your mind. Hope you feel better. Don't let it get you down. Enjoy your vacation :)

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