I think i am suffering from anxiety

hey guys, over these few months i have been constantly dizzy, sometimes it goes away for like a day but then comes back, i feel constantly breathless, for about a week there my heart has been so sore, well at least it feels like the pain is coming from my heart, it all started around june, but before it started i was sometimes feeling a bit dizzy but i thought i had slung my head to fast or something, but then i was at the cinema one night with my friend i felt fine, was watching the film, then i got this horrible feeling through my stomach and right up my body it felt like i was loosing my breath, i found it really hard to catch a breath, the dizziness was really bad, it almost felt like i had fainted and then woke up in shock, i was sick for a day or two after that i didn't feel one bit well, i then went into work when i was feeling better, i was still dizzy, then i had to be sent home because i started to feel sick and i couldn't concentrate, a few days after that i went into town with a friend i was still feeling dizzy but i thought i could ignore it but it felt like i couldn't concentrate i was having to squint my eyes to concentrate a bit, i couldn't keep my eyes fully open because i would get so dizzy, i then went home i was sick for another few days, then i got an appointment to go to the doctors, they done blood tests, heart tests, and everything came back fine, so they said it was a virus, the horrible feelings i get in my stomach are terrible and the feeling of being breathless and dizzy and pain in my heart us starting to get unbearable to deal with, i used to be such an outgoing person i loved my job and now i won't leave the house, because every time i go to i get that feeling of breathlessness and the dull pains through my stomach, my muscles are also sore, my right leg feels so weak, but the weakness comes and goes, has anyone else felt with any of these symptoms? i feel like there is no end to this, i just want to be my normal self again, is there help out there, please someone reply to me, i have an appointment for the doctors for thursday and i don't think I'm gonna be able to go because i am scared to get them horrible feelings, any advice anyone can give me? i need hope that i can be myself again, Thank you


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5 Replies

  • Go to see the Doctor. If you do get to feeling unwell then you couldn't be in a better place. Your Doctor will be able to see your blood pressure and other body signs at the time of an attack and make a more accurate diagnosis. Plus if the feeling unwell leads to you actually becoming unwell then there will be a Doctor right there to give you immediate treatment.

    It has to be win / win. Regards Rib

  • Sounds to me like you do have anxiety. My anxiety started off like yours and it is scary at first I've lived with anxiety for nearly 6 years now and I'm 19. It would probably help if you take someone with you for reassurance and comfort, I don't leave my home without someone being with me now. There is help out here for you Hun. And don't be scared it can make you very distressed and worse try to take your mind off it so your not constantly thinking about it all the time, I still find it hard to cope with everyday. Your not alone love, feel free to message me if you have any questions, hope you feel better soon, Amy xx

  • Thank you for your replies, I took my dog a walk today and I was fine, I tried not to panic and I didnt, though I did feel very anxious that I could feel a panic attack coming on, but I stopped it, I hope I can control it tomorrow for the doctors

  • And thank you Amy Jane it's nice to know I have someone who is going through what I am to talk to, and I'm sorry to hear that you have been dealing with this for all these years, I hope you get better

  • Thank you

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