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I keep feeling like my head has a weird pressure or almost like it's floating


I know it's anxiety but I'm terrified I'm gonna fall over dead or pass out . I'm on Prozac 20 mg for about a week now , can this be a side effect ? I need to relax I took .5 Ativan so I hope it helps . I always have this fear I'm gonna fall over dead at any given minute . This is ridiculous

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I know you are scared, but could I ask what else you are doing to help when you feel like this other than taking more medication.

It is just that taking more tablets isn't really going to help with the underlying problem, is it?

It would be a great help to yourself if you could learn when you feel like this, what have you been doing before it happened. Have you been worrying about anything or maybe you haven't eaten enough that day or drank enough fluids and are just a little dehydrated.

Even mixing pills can cause different effects as well.

If you can get a good healthy routine set up for both your body and mind it should help with all these anxiety attacks you are getting.

What are you doing on a daily basis just to relax and take your mind off your worries?

Sometimes it is good to just have that little something to focus on that allows you to get away from your own problems for even just 5 minutes.

I did allsorts of stupid reckless things to try and get away from my problems. Then I realized that I can't run away from me and the only way to get away from the problem was to fix it.

You know you that it is probably just the anxiety, but by taking other pills all you are doing it training your mind to know that the only way to fix the problem is to take more pills and I am sure you don't want to be doing that.

Why not speak to your doctor or other specialists that are helping you and work out a plan for what you are going to do when you feel anxious and see if that helps.

You can do this, you can take control and you can feel better.


Jmerrick22 in reply to 20Voices

I'm trying to occupy myself with hobbies and stuff and work

20Voices in reply to Jmerrick22

That is good that you are working on this.

Keep working on calming those thoughts when you feel anxious.

You can do this. Trust in yourself and believe in yourself.

You will get through this.

Take care.

What you feel, is what i feel everyday and its killing me huhuhuhh....

Renesia in reply to Thet1028

U sud try sleeping.i knw how u feel.

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