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Weird feeling in my head


Does anyone else have a split second where it's like your brain is going to just switch off? It's hard to explain as its the most odd feeling. I then get the gut feeling where it's like you have missed a step on a stair case.

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Can't say that I have had that kind of feeling, but I have felt like my body has dropped before and right before that happens my head feels odd... I don't know how to explain it... It usually only lasts a second though and then everything is OK again, besides my mind trying to figure out what happened and why it happened..

It's hard to explain. I can't say I have had what you described by my head feels weird only for a split second.

Sometimes I feel like I heard a loud sound in my head like a drum but it didn't happen and sometimes I get split second confusion if you understand

Yes, I have. I get this feeling like my brain is leaving with a faint are blackout feeling. I don't really know how to describe it, and my doctor never heard of this feeling. If you get any answers are solutions, please let me know.

Yes that's more like it and my ears feel like they are blocked too

I find it hard to describe but similar to what you said like a blackout feeling for a split second. Like that's it it's all over but then everything is fine again. Is that kind of what you get?


To all the above, without sounding like an alarmist, I would suggest you talk this over with a Dr.

Dr hasn't any idea :(

valachia-t in reply to Pearl67

I told all my doctors, they never heard of it, even my psychiatrist.

Pearl67 in reply to valachia-t

😫 I am sorry. I do not have any other thoughts. How long has this been going on?

valachia-t in reply to Pearl67

5 years

Omg I hope it doesn't go on for that long. How do you cope?

Evmy in reply to valachia-t

Oh my. That's a long time. It's been almost a year for me.

Oh! Well that is good news! If it was something more serious, it surely would have come to a head!!!! This is comforting, although I know it is a pain!

One day at a time. It'not easy

Let's hope it's not many more days of this :(

Me too. The side of your brain feels strange (like somethings very wrong.) Almost heavy but it doesn't hurt. It's more like a pull. It's accompanied by the feeling like your about to black out. Some times my inner ear hurts just behind the ear lobe. (ear pain was actually first symptom.) There's also dizziness that can cause motion sickness. they believed I had vertigo but a second ENT ruled that out. Then they thought it was something wrong with blood flow to my brain. All imaging and tests came back normal. I live in a small town so naturally the doctors don't known how to help and the ones in the ER don't beleieve me. Just about all the tests they've done are all normal. It gives you super bad anxiety though. Even more so because no one can figure out what's causing it to happen. ( i Never had a head scan done though)

Anxious2befree in reply to Evmy

Yes same here. My physio said I don't have vertigo but my doctor is adamant I do. I get the feeling like I'm about to just black out like my body will just bang out to it. No one can tell me why and it's scary.

Yes, ive had it like my brain is doing normal then it skips a space

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