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Always feeling ill

Everyday I feel ill. I feel dizzy everyday. I feel spaced out everyday. I feel like I'm gonna go blind everyday. I feel like I'll faint. Bending over or standing up for long periods make me feel faint like I'm gonna fall. I'm on Xanax so I'm convinced it's more than just anxiety at this point. I've had every test even echocardiogram and I still feel like crap everyday. I even take my vitamins everyday. I stay hydrated. I don't understand anymore? I really feel like I'm dying. Or that somethings not showing on my test results. Like right now I'm laying in bed, but I feel like I'm ill with the flu.

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I'm dizzy everyday too hun like its hard to get out of bed and go to the toilet. I'm in bed all the time

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I hate it so much 


I feel exactly the same like I'm just going to loose my vision and it freaks the hell out of me. I feel like I'm in a dream and nothing's real even when I am just at home like everything looks weird like different if that makes sense. I hate it 

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I feel like that everyday smh 


I think it's the xanax because I'm on them over a year now sometimes I think it's the xanax not working 

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I was starting to wonder if that's what it was.


I feel like this all the time, I mean I'm lucky to have a day where I feel alright 

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I'm the exact same way. Only time I get peace is when I sleep.


I feel the exact same way, I stay dizzy like I'm on a boat swaying, headache all the time. Everyone says it's anxiety ugh I'm also on xanax and think it's not working anymore.


I'm by all means not a doctor, but I feel as if I've been to enough of them to tell you to get checked for Meniers Disease. I have it and I have all of these symptoms each and every day, all day. It's a brutal disease and I pray none of you have it, but sometimes it helps just to have an answer even if it's not the best one possible. Although the docs still think something else is going on with me (they call me a medical mystery) because my blood work is always so off, I do have Meniers Disease and have had 2 surgeries that have helped (about 10%) but hey, I will take the 10% as opposed to 0 any day. Hope that you are able to feel better. I wish we all could.

These are the symptoms I have on a daily basis. They just vary in the severity

Passing out feeling

Blurred vision



Extreme fatigue

Heart palpitations

Pulse races

Migraine daily

Right hand trembles (sometimes)

Always dizzy/vertigo


Legs hurt especially at night

Double vision is worse

Ear pain

Cheeks get flush

Pressure in head

Limbs feel heavy

All over Body pain


My temples swell when I chew (especially something hard)


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