Really need some advice/ weak legs

Going to try and keep this short and straight to the point but PLEASE try and read and offer me some advice as my mind is going crazy.

So about a week ago (Wednesday) I woke up with a pain on my left arm I just thought I slept a bit funny, but I was stretching the arm to make it better.. the next day my arm started feeling a bit tingly and numb.. then the next day after that my legs started feeling weak. I visited the GP on Monday and the GP stated that it was a pinched nerve but couldn't explain to me why my legs started feeling weak. It's nearly a week since it's happened and my legs (especially when I'm laying in bed at rest) I can feel how weak they are and a bit tingly.. and also my left arm as well it's worse on my ring finger and pinkie.

I just want to know does this sound like a certain illness.. or anything else you can think of? I just struggle to accept it's a pinched nerve especially because the GP couldn't explain to me.

Thanks for reading in advance


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  • Some years ago and a few times after that too, one of my fingers used to swell up and get really numb then it started happening on my whole hand. Its never caused anything bad. I suppose its muscle pains. If it gets worse I suggest you go to the hospital to get it checked. Anything that is painful and bothers you is worth getting checked out! 🙂

  • Oh wow I never notice it swell up but it did feel a bit numb and weak I had to move it because I'd be freaked out.. did you ever find out what it was? Thanks so much for your reply!

  • Hi healthanxietyhater, the key here was the weak and tingly ring finger and pinkie. Your doctor did say it was from a pinched nerve. To better explain, there are 3 main nerves that extend from the neck down the arms and into the hand. The ulner nerve can cause the sensation in the 2 outer fingers. That is the same nerve that gives you that horrible zap feeling that we call our funny bone. Sometimes there is an "entrapment" of that nerve which will cause that feeling. As for your legs feeling weak and tingly as well, that could come from a pinched nerve in your lower back. Make sure that your doctor follows through with some tests to make sure you are okay and to tell you how to address the issue. Good Luck in finding relief. x

  • Hi Agora1, thanks for replying I was thinking of messaging you as you're so helpful and reassuring but I message you so much in the past for all sort of different thinks I didn't want to bother 😭 I will follow your advice, hopefully the doctor will find it necessary to do a few tests so my mind could be at ease x

  • Hi Healthanxietyhater, I'm always here to support anyone the best I can. Never hesitate. I do hope you see your doctor since we can't give professional advice but only comment by what we have been through ourselves. Wishing you a good weekend. x

  • I have this on my left arm/ hand my pinky and ring finger, mine is due to extremely tight muscles in my neck and back due to anxiety, I also have sciatica which makes my legs weird.

  • Hi Lolly75, I also get that feeling in my 2 outer fingers due to Carpal Tunnel. Typing on the computer aggravates that nerve. It helps knowing what causes our pain and weird sensations besides anxiety. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a comfortable weekend. x

  • You know what sciatica sounds exactly what I got I'm going to speak to my GP about it but it does say it will pass and eventually go away even though it's almost been 2 weeks 😕

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