Freaking out right now

I don't know what's going on right now,

It's hard to explain but it's like a weird tingling sensation in my left arm,

I've just been sitting at my laptop all day playing computer games and like idk I have this weird feeling in my arm and I'm scared that idk like maybe I got bit or something who knows. I just feel crazy all of a sudden

And I have this weird involuntary muscle twitch on the right side of my head and I hate it


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  • I always like to say I'm not a doctor and I don't know what's going on with you because that's true. However, the positions we put ourselves in when we sit at a computer all day lend themselves to muscle twitches. I've had those same things and I wouldn't be surprised if it's just the way that you're sitting.

  • Thank you so much

    That's what I'm thinking also, I got off and took a break for a minute and I feel a lot better after stretching and taking my mind off of the anxiety

  • Hi SvvvgeTvbuu, I totally agree with kinikia95 in that sitting and playing computer games all day puts a lot of tension and stimulation on your muscles. I feel too that it's from the effects of playing all day. Feel better and remember, everything in moderation.

  • Yeah I'm always inside gaming if I'm not working and it doesn't help that the position I sit in isn't exactly comfortable or suitable for being on a laptop.

    I need to just breathe and learn to relax and not overthink when I feel muscle strain or a little muscle spasm because those freak me out

  • The biggest thing SvvvgeTvguu is to make sure you take breaks from time to time so that your muscles don't stay tense and in one position. I know it's hard to breathe and relax when playing a game. Feel better. :)

  • Thank you so much

    Just an update I feel a lot better The last two days

    Been trying to think more positive and do a lot less sitting in one position

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