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Weak feelings in arms and legs


I wrote last week saying about my problems with neck,back tension,nausea and shaking.

But with all this tension, and I can notice holding myself rigid. My arms, legs and hips hurt and feel weak, this makes me feel sicker.

Does any one else get this?

To be honest my symptoms can differ daily, this sometimes why my doctor looks at me as if I am mad.

Please spare me a few words if you can, I am not coping. Thank You. Jennyfwr

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Hi Funkyfaerie, there isn't one part of me that isn't affected by my holding myself rigid with tension.


Hi Agora1

Thanks for replying.

Yes it's amazing how we can hold ourselves tense without even realising it.

I think I have held myself rigid for the past seven years, just holding life and emotions in these muscles, from my neck to my calves, I hurt and feel weak...these tense muscles are what are making me feel sick and feeling sick makes me panic.

I even wake up in a panic expecting the worst and my stomach churning...

How are you?


Funkyfaerie, I'm just like you. You said it perfectly, holding life and emotions in our muscles. From years of doing this, it has now caused physical AND emotional pain. The panic in the morning is still there but not as bad as the body pain and my stomach no longer churns.

I blame the physical pain on Fibromyalgia, the Fibro on the anxiety and around and around it goes. But you know what keeps me going? I can still smile and make others laugh including myself. Take care xx

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I can spare you a few words :-)

Yes I have suffered and still do with this , we hold ourselves so rigid until the pain starts we don't even realize we are doing it

Try taking warm baths , doing some meditation or another good thing is getting some quiet , maybe some nice relaxing music in the background , close you eyes and tense your body so you do feel that rigid sensation and then slowly relax your muscles and let them go limp , keep doing it till you start to observe the difference between been tense and relaxed :-)

It is quiet normal to feel this with anxiety :-)

Take Care x

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Hi Bounce,

Thanks for replying.

I just feel like I am going crazy with this, tried to go out yesterday, but my weak legs made me feel sick....

I will try the relaxation...strange how sometimes you are in such a state you don't feel you have the strength to do any.

Thx again J


Hi, I get all these symptoms to, my doctor says its anxiety I've had loads of tests and am just waiting for an mri, my doctor says I carry my anxiety in my muscles in my back, neck and shoulders.


I'm sorry to know others feel this horrible sensation because I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Have you found relief?


Hi Loglegmomma,

I haven't found relief as such, but it's got better as I have realised it is due to me holding myself tense all the time, I don't even realise I am doing it as it just kinda comes naturally to me. I treated myself to two massages recently and the difference was amazing, totally put my mind at rest.(which is half the trouble!

And now I am seeing a corrective Chiropractor, who explains why and how all this is happening.



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