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Feeling fain and weak every day

Hello, for the past week I have been feeling a lot better about my anxiety and of course now that my heart palpitations are gone I got a new symptom. In the past week or so I have been feeling extremely weak, lacking the desire to do anything. And today I had a panic attack after feeling extremely faint, my legs got shaky, my arms as well, I felt like I was loosing any feeling of my body, like drifting. I contacted my doctor and he said that all of my tests were fine so I shouldn't worry, but for me it's very real. I am alone through the day so I am afraid of dropping on the floor. Has anyone else had this? How did you get rid of the weakness?

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Yes I have felt this way many times. you may be hyperventilating makes sure to breath. One thing I started doing in the last few days is telling myself I will feel good tmrw I will feel strong and calm and I think it does help every time you catch yourself being negative change it to a positive thought. Hope you feel better soon :)



I've been relaxed all day but this morning I coughed up sum blood on my flem I also rang my gp appt line n the nurse said its nothing to worry about unless I start coughing up loads a proper blood this is due to sum virus I av

However I was just sat looking on the internet n I got like a pins n needles sensation all the way from my feet to my head m then I sort a jumped n it went but I'm also weak on my legs n don't feel like doing anything apart from sitting xx is this a similar thing you had that's best I can describe it x


Also feeling Asif I'm just going to drop to the floor to x


I've felt like this plenty of times. Try to just breath deeply and relax. I always take a bath. That helps me SO MUCH ! I talked about some things that I do on my blog. Here's the link if you want to check it out. findingjeannieee.weebly.com

I hope you feel better ! Are you taking any medication for your anxiety ?


If the doctor sayed everything is ok you may go to psychiater to talk with him.

How is your diet?maybe you dont have enough energy .

Did you have somebody that can stay with you during the day?


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