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Clamped feeling on left shoulder/neck

Who else is going through this?! Ahh it's so annoying.... I'm self diagnosing and gonna say it's tension/stress 🤔

But it's just a clamped feeling in my left side of neck.. it also radiates down my arm making it feel tingly and uncomfortable.

Could it be a pinched nerve? It comes and goes..... but mostly it stays... everyday!

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I was feeling pretty much the same. one tension in my neck stiffness. shoulder pain arm. every day. Today I went to the doctor the I'll make xray on Monday and took my blood to do complet examination.

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Hope everything goes well

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I get a pain that starts in my right scapula and radiated down arm and some times my neck . I cannot explain the pain it's a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain


Have you had it checked out before? Sounds like what's going on with me


Well I have had it on and off for a fair few years if I put pressure between the scapula it relieves the pain it almost feels like something is trapped in there but the pain is quite intense but like I said sharp with a little kind of ache if that makes sense.

I had a scan and they said no tears etc possibly bursitis but it's about midway on my scapula as I said not on the clavicle area.

It relieves it if someone puts pressure on for a couple of mins and this helps for a few days. The other thing they say helps is a tennis ball between the shoulder and a wall and roll it around using your body movements.

Apart from that I just do not know

Let me know if you find out some info

All the best



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