Is this anxiety??? Or worse?! Help!

Hi, I am a 20 year old female. I thought about trying this out to see if anyone could help me out by giving me some info on how I've been feeling lately. For almost a month or even a little longer I have felt like I get tingly in my head and in my neck which causes me to feel like it's hard for me to swallow, I constantly think I'm dying, my heart starts racing really fast and this happens at random times. It has gotten so bad to where I feel like I can't even be at work. Today, I sat down and stood up and felt a warm sensation in my head which made my vision a little blurry. I'm constantly worried all the time and crying 24/7!! please help.


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  • Hi Harmz, welcome to the community! You made a great decision by joining. I'm so sorry that you are having these symptoms, I know so well how debilitating anxiety and health anxiety can be. When did you notice your symptoms began? It sounds like anxiety but if you're worried about it being anything else, make sure to just give the Dr a visit for your peace of mind hun

  • Honestly my anxiety happened about 2 months ago when I decided to take these diet pills with a red bull that sent me to the ER. My heart was pounding and my veins in my neck began to twitch, ever since then I've had bad anxiety. It's gotten way worse now though! I've gone to my dr multiple times and he said I'm fine, but I'm still scared! Thanks for replying to me though!

  • Yep sounds about right, too much adrenaline too quickly basically. The chemicals mixing causing a chemical imbalance.. same exact thing started mine, except mine was off of a bad weed trip, had a panic attack for the first time during that bad trip and I haven't been the same since smh

  • But do you think we will get better at least or will this last for a long time!

  • Mine started in November of 2015, I'm sooooooo much better than I was before. Not 100% myself but so much better. You WILL get better, it's not permanent. And anxiety cannot harm you. You are basically the mindset of fight or flight, your mind is constantly in overdrive and you're overthinking and over analyzing everything, but as soon as you you accept the fact that it's anxiety, and you allow it to just be.. you will slowly get back to yourself

  • Sounds like anxiety and me!

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