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Anxiety or fibro? :(

My dr thinks I have physical anxiety, however I'm doubtful that my symptoms are down to it and so I got a second opinion and have been referred to see a rheumatologist.

I'm so scared and I'm constantly sleeping and lying down, I feel terrible.

My symptoms are

Shaky vision( also when eyes are closed)

Stuff body (keep arching my back)

Constant headache that's more of a dull pain

Brain fog,, forgetting PIN number etc and going blank in conversatin( I thought I was getting altzeimers)

Aches in lower back and legs

Cramp in legs on and off

Massively fatigued, so tired:(

Dizzy and head movements are causing slight delay in my vision

I also have and under active thyroid

And chostochondritis

I feel as though my symptoms are stacking up and are pointing in the direction of fibro

I've had MRI and cy angiogram to rule out ms or any other things.

I'm taking cetalopram and propanalol to help me emotionally but I can't help but think and in tern feel like my life is ruined!!

I've always written and played songs on the guitar and love singing.. I can't even sing a verse without my head spinning and then feeling exhausted:(

My kids are running riot and I can't enjoy them right now.

Tbh I feel lost and scared.

Could this be anxiety or is this fibro?


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Hi there willow.I have had fibromyalgia for nine years now and I've recently joined the anxiety community for my boyfriend as he suffers with panic disorder.He was browsing people's messages and pointed out your message to me.Iam a member of the fibromyalgia community which is quite a large community of very supportive people and I would highly recommend that you join it.It sounds to me like you have many of the fibromyalgia symptoms and it's good that you have been referred to a rheumatologist as they are a good starting point for getting a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.I would recommend that you read upas much about the condition as possible and the fibro action community not only has lots of supportive people but also a wealth of info on fibromyalgia.Iam sorry to hear that you are feeling so lost and scared and I also have kids and have felt that way many a time myself.Try not to worry too much about your kids running riot,as long as they are fed and clothed and have the basics then that is the most important thing.Try to ask for as much help as possible and get as much rest as you can.Let go of things that aren't nessecary and concentrate on prioritizing tasks that need to get done.You can inbox me if you want for any further info on fibromyalgia or just for a chat.Take care :-)


Thank you Haribo36

I really appreciate the advise:) it made me cry a bit, I feel like no one around me understands what I'm going through., I don't understand it much myself.

I have to wait for 6-8 months before I can see the rheumatologist it's going to tough waiting to be seen, I just hope that if what I'm going through is a flare up then hopefully it will go soon'

I had this six months ago.. All the same symptoms! Drs kept telling me it was all anxiety and I've had to really fight for them to refer me.

I'll definitely look into fibro as much as possible!

Thanks again for your support.

:) xxxxxxx


You are very welcome my friend! Iam disgusted that you have to wait 6-8months though! This is not right,who told you that you have to wait this long?? You shouldn't have to wait any longer than three months.What area do you live in? Unfortunately there are a lot of doctors out there that do not understand fibro and some don't even believe that it exists! It is also a very difficult condition to understand as it varies so much and there are so many symptoms.You can vary from one day to the next so it is difficult for yourself and your loved ones to understand.But I strongly believe informing yourself and those who care about you as much info as you can about the condition will really help to come to terms with it.For you the most important thing is to get a diagnosis first but in the meantime maybe you could try seeing a different docter who may be able to give you a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.Although it is usually the rheumatologist who does this,g.p's who have knowledge of fibro can do this also.Please let me know how you get on xxx


I think in this day and age the fact that you've even noticed how your health is affecting your children is Amazing . How old are they ?. I brought 4 up single handed and was thankfully well in those days and then the 3 eldest decided they were grown up and mum doesn't enter their heads anymore. I have an 11yr old still at home who has to shoulder all the worry and care for me. Please put yourself first because your children will leave you . God bless honey xx


Where do I find the fibro action community please ?


Hi there,if you go to communities and go to the ones beginning with f then fibro action should be there xx


Thank you! This is all making me feel much better. I'm glad I have you all to speak to about this. Every time I bring it up to my partner he get this sad look on his face and doesn't know what to say:( he's been incredible with the children though and cooking for us all. He is starting to look stressed and like it's getting to him now:( I hope I feel better soon.

I live in Bridgend South Wales. I was told by the gp that the waiting time can be up to 8 months and so I phoned the department at the hospital and she confirmed the waiting times:( I feel like I need some answers and have thought about maybe paying privately. It costs £150 to see the rheumatologist.. Do you think I should? It a lot of money for me but I would be seen within a week.

Thanks again for your support:) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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