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Ex-Girlfriend making anxiety worse

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Right, so me and my ex broke up a month ago in that time space she had sex with her ex before me and my ex-friend, we have a child together so one day when we met up so I could drop her off she offered me sex because no one could satisfy her the way I do, I did it with my heart on my sleeve thinking she'd take me back and we'd love each other until the end of time. Little did I know until last night that she doesn't want to be with me she just wanted the sex, I felt destroyed emotionally incapable of continuing life I had pains in my stomach throughout the month we hadn't been together and then boom they came back tenfold, I wasn't the best boyfriend I admit that but she was no angel even though I saw her in that light. I don't know what to do with myself anymore I spent 4years+ with her, 17-21 I feel like I've lost my way I was in shape and constantly with other girls before I got with her and now in that time I've put 5st on and I feel like I'll never get over her and she'll just come back to destroy me over again. I can't go cold turkey not seeing her because of our child, every day I see her I crumble like a soggy digestive. When she was telling me about what she'd done during the month I felt no hurt no anger just love for her, she was my everything but I broke it off because of the arguing and the fact that she would constantly name call and abuse my mother and the rest of my family. I just need some advise on what I should do in this situation because I'm starting to feel pretty damn f**ked up in the head, and feel like I'm just going to go downhill I don't drink and I don't go clubbing anymore and I've lost all contact with my friends because of this relationship. I feel I'll never have the same life I did before her, she even told me she was a mindf**kand she could have anyone she wanted but she wanted me, like what even is wrong with her!? Please help, don't want to end up drowning at the bottom of this cup of tea /:

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Let her go, she isn't good. She probably tells all guys the same that they are the best in bed when she needed, not just you.

You deserve better and you will find the one that love and care about you.

Come to a child together, you only talk to her limited only about your kid.

Remember, you can live without her, who doesn't care or love you other than herself. Think likes she never existed in your life.

Do yourself a favor, respect you as a human, who deserves to be treated the right way.

But first, you need to forget about her to order to meet someone new. One day when you look back, she likes a joke... that you'd been wasted your time and energy over her.

Good luck.

mmmmmm tricky one this as you could tell her to sling her f**king hook then she prob use the kidto get to you not leting you see him or her to get at you if you tell her no humpy pumpy any more or just mates no more then that+ buy sound of it shes leting every c**t have ago on her like a funfair ride you mite end up with dose sorry pal she sounds like a right s**t she knows you take her back any time or can come to you for s*x any time prob when ex who ever dont whoner know she come to you if you did not have kid be easy to walk away for ever or if you still did not love her still and you do still can tell shes got you by the b**ls as yer say get new bird she be even more of a c**t to you use the kid to get to you*s*x as wel try split you new bird up i know all that been dun seen me self years go not seen my kid for years as id have had all that crap my ex tryed all that so walked away had to but i keep tabs on my little one as find out how she is so on as mates talk to her then let me know this that but dont tel her thay have told chatted to me about her and my kid if shes that way she use ruin you if can do not all girls are like that but some are right f**kers hope you work it out pal dont let her use you she will if can 100% by sounds of her i speak my mind not being horrble to you just telling you way it is or will mite be

Hi there

Breakups are horrid and do mess up your head and make you feel like you'll never get over it... So youre not alone in feeling as you do!!

This relationship is not good, and that's not how it should be. As much as it hurts , you deserve better than this so you have to take steps towards creating a new life for yourself.

Im not sure if you work but its time to concentrate on You, and your daughter.

You will go through a grieving period, again this is normal and allow yourself to do this, but also take steps to reclaim your life. Get back in touch with your friends, if they are good friends , they will understand.

Keep yourself busy doing things that you like to do, that perhaps you had stopped doing while with her.

Exercise, it works... gym, running, long walk, .... whatever you like but it helps you feel good about yourself.

Take an evening class of something you always wanted to do.....

There are a million things to do..... but the point being, concentrate on your life instead of this bad relationship!

You will get your life back and you will get over this, but trust me, I've been in an abusive relationship and its never good!

Be nice to yourself, love starts with loving yourself, I know that's cheesy but its true///

Take Care... K x

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hay anne1964 one thing i dont like is if a guy is abusive in fists or words that know will hurt there girl.f wifes or brain washed like my step sis was being she dont have to worry about that any more tho by her ex hee hee i made sure that one

What you need to do is get back on track, you have many great years ahead of you and you also owe it to your child to get yourself in a good place. You would not believe the influence you have on your child from a very young age. You deserve to be treated better than this and your willing to put yourself through torture by allowing someone to walk over you and use you. People enjoy power and if you keep giving it to her she will take it. Trust me and get up today, get that strength behind you for your own sake first then your child and start something new. Like aim to get healthy and get our doors with your child, really have a lot of fun. This girl does not need to want you, she already knows your there for her. Change things about start today. Honestly you will feel so much better about it all. Its called heartbroken because its broke but sometime people that can have the power over you will enjoy it. Your going to have to be strong but and stand firm. Really she won't expect it, she will expect you to be the same every day when she sees you. Shock the life out of there and get yourself fit and healthy show her you are strong and doing this for your child and yourself. Look up Matt Chandler on you tube, keep getting up. She does not deserve you by doing that for sex, thats not what God wants for your life.

Please listen to Matt Chandler//keep getting up. Get your trainers on and get out there go run, you deserve much better and its out there but if you destroy yourself over her, she will let you. Come on, you gotta get up fight your fight and move on.

Do you really want to be with someone who is not really there for you. Listen to Steven Furlick, when your problems are bigger than your plan x Here if you need a friend. I am a mum of 2 sons and have watched my older son go through some tough times but I can honestly say he is now the happiest 26 yr old I know today .

Stay strong, your important to God, let him heal your pain and guide you. Be prepared for change and go run, let it all go and he will guide you. Tell him it hurts so bad, he knows and understands.

Matt Chandler keep getting up

Listen to Steven Furlick...whatever whatever.... its amazing x

Hello there,

I am sorry you had to go through this. In life we get our hearts broken but the one who doesnt care about you doesnt deserve you. I would focus on yourself and your child. You will find a much better girl that loves and respects you in the future.It took me 5 years to find the one. i dumped my ex boyfriend for cheating on me. I am so happy he did i would of never met mr right. I got engaged last year.

Don't let anyone destroy you my friend, you have your own path to walk and your own journey to travel. you either take these kind of people along or leave them behind. Anyone who dis respects you and your family are not nice in their heart. Sorry to post again to you but your very much on my mind. Please listen and don't let this map out your whole future. You will meet a lovely girl who will love you for you. Learn from this and try move on. Love is not that, love is patient, love is kind.

Brave the waves Steven Furlick on you tube. Don't listen to the lies in your head, you have a lot of strength to even have written what you did. Your child needs you to get back on track and I believe you can. Go get yourself so healthy she won't know what to say but don't do it for her, do it for you and your child and don't look back. As a female I have watched guys destroyed and girls by guys over the years.....dont waste another minute. Get up, be good to yourself and take that step forwards, no going back x

Thank you ALL for your help and understanding, I still do have all of my anxiety pains in my stomach sitting wondering about her asking myself is she safe without me, I was the guy who protected her from drunken nights out making a fool of herself and doing stupid things others frown upon. I helped her turn her life from drinking and going out partying all the time to one of the most wonderful women I've ever met, but she turned sour and started to resent me and I felt I turned her into a monster and if I end it with her she may understand why I did the things I did, I have gave my life up to protect her and make her happy yet she threw it in my face, I'll forever feel this pain regardless. I do love her and I do still feel I need to protect her, but I am trying to turn my life around I've cut out all of the food I was turning to I've started going to the gym and my family can see a difference in me, but I still feel the same destroyed person on the inside, she's turned back into the person I tried to help. I've been cheated on lied to hated and I still loved her and always will, my little girl is my focus now and I hope that the feelings I still have for my ex will just merge into the feelings for my daughter because I know she won't do what her mother has done, she's my princess and I'll protect her from anything. My life as her barrier. I'm thanking you all for this help, guidance and understanding. Means a lot to know there are caring respectful people out there that help those they don't know, thank you very much. I hope I can help out others the way you've helped ME.

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