Can't get out of my head

For some reason I get stuck in these same thoughts as if there are constant voices telling me no one loves me or cares about me. When I am going through these motions I look crazy as hell to my perfect boyfriend sobbing to the point where it is too difficult to speak about what I am experiencing. He tries to understand and be patient but all I am trying to ask of him is to

Just reassure me that what I am hearing is not real and that I do matter........ at least to him. I starting to feel extremely hopeless while I endure these moments and they stick in my mind for days and it's causing a serious issue in my personal life

Am I going crazy? Is my perspective not valid? I just want to find peace and rest...... I just want to escape and walk away and never look back


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  • Oh my god I'm exactly the same. I have these thoughts that do almost feel like voices telling me I'm unworthy of things and that I don't deserve stuff because I'm a bad girlfriend and things like that and it's horrendous.

    Trust me you aren't alone. You aren't crazy and you will beat it. I thought I was crazy for about a year because of it but its not your fault.

    What I tend to you in these moments is take massive breaths and relax. I take myself somewhere where I can think through everything and tell these voices that they are wrong and stupid. If that doesn't work then I write it all down, I get it out of head and that way I can see it all clearer and realise that it's not real and it's just in my head.

    Things like this have really helped me and try not to worry about it ruining your relationships. He will understand. My boyfriend has also helped me through this struggle and even though they don't understand, as long as they listen that's all that matters. Once you find ways to calm yourself down it will get so much easier. Just try to find ways to make it clear in your mind, that way you won't believe it and you will realise none of it is true.

  • This was right on time. I am currently suffering from insomnia because I just cannot get away from my thoughts. I am going to write them down and throw out the paper. Thank you

  • I suffered with that a few years back because of it all as well. Writing definitely works, I'm glad I could help. Please let me know how you get on!

  • I to feel like this it's awful, I started withdrawing from people believeing no one cared or loved me, I suffer physical symptoms to, how I try to deal with it is trying controlled breathing, and totally try and relax, also telling yourself this is untrue,

  • I have been trying to use breathing mechanisms cause the thoughts are so strong I can't meditate whatsoever. Thank you for your reply and empathizing with me. It was until I found out about this forum I truly felt alone cause it seemed like no one understood where I was coming from

  • I tried writing down the thoughts and throwing them out. It did alleviate the strong voices for that while

  • I felt alone until this as well, I didn't realise others felt like me! Yeah it doesn't alleviate them instantly but over time it will, it trains your mind to get the thoughts to leave ☺️

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