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Mind crowded out by irrational thoughts of death and illness

Seem to be obsessing about the above - no rational reason with no physical symptoms except the ones my anxiety are causing. This is driving me crazy - cant focus at work, feel isolated and alone, pending sense of doom. Going to see my GP tomorrow but not sure what to say - just want this madness to end. Any advice or guidance will help. Does/has anybody felt like this?

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Write down key points, as to often we go and get tongue tied......I was like you and fought it alone for so long, it is only my advice but consider meds if offered, the may give you breathing space to get things back in wishes.......stde


Hi steve since having my panic attacks i have had such horrible thoughts my worst fears was going to bed and constantly thought there was something wrong i am on meds and at 1st didnt feel better but have been a little better today go see your gp and tell him how you feel xx


Yes, as a child I could not stop thinking about death. It was very upsetting.


Plse dnt worry these thoughts r normal 4 us anxiety sufferers. we think were the only 1s like this or theres somthin terribly wrong wiv us. theres lots of different types of anxiety, some milder but more managable forms but then theres the type im also sufferin frm which is very distressing + debilitates u, this does cause the syptoms as u hav described, i also hav suicide idealation, dnt think we really want 2 die mst of us but we jst want 2 find an escape frm this torture we feel. how ever distressing + awful ur syptoms r they r normal of anxiety. hope u start 2 get some relief soon, plus keep posting on ere we do understand ur pain. kindest regards leeanne.x


I too suffer from irrational thoughts of death and illness. I find it exhausting and feel like my head is going to explode! I dont like journaling but once I have done it my head is a little bit quiter and thoughts clearer. It is hard to share these thoughts with people as they freak out if you mention death. I have shared these thoughts with my partner and over time he has gained a greater understanding of what I am going through.

I try to identify these thoughts when they occur and stop myself from following that trail of thought. When I have these thoughts all day it is too hard to continually deal with them so I challenge them as much as I can cope with.


Hi Steve.

I too went to the Dr after developing a horrible fear of death and a difficult bout of health anxiety.

I was told I had developed a phobia of death which had stemmed from when I was younger, which was interlinking with my health fears. I hated it. It was stopping me from enjoying holidays because I thought we would crash in whatever mode of transport we were using, I was obsessed with the bad weather and thinking some horrific natural disaster would occur. I just got so sick one day that I thought 'stuff it'. I'm petrified of flying because I'm sure the plane is going to crash (this came randomly after years of flying and really enjoying the flights) but my partner and I have booked a short flight to get me back on a plane and I am just going to force myself. We drove to Scotland and we didn't crash, we slept in the place that I thought was going to flood and it didn't flood! I just take it one step at a time. Health anxiety wise, I just re-assure myself throughout my ordeals that my breathing is fine, I can think logically and that I will get through it. It's become so much easier to get through the worry as the time has gone on.

Keep thinking positive. Don't fight the fears but try and look at how irrational they are. I always think when I am at my desk and I am worried, that I made it to work, I go and make myself a cup of team, realise I am walking and talking fine and get my head into my to do list :) Don't try and fight it but at the same time, don't let it beat you. Take every time as it comes.



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