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Out of control. Help!


Hi im new to this community. Found this while googling. I need help and im desperate. I've been with anxiety for 2 years now. I have cardiophobia and fear of panic attacks. I constantly have to deal with intrusive thoughts that trigger panic.

I don't know what to do. I don't take meds and i can't afford therapy. I can't anymore i think I'm going to go crazy and loose my mind. I can't stop thinking about panic and it gives me panic attacks. I feel like it may get so bad that I'll do harm to myself or worse. This is taking control of my life.

I tried accepting it and letting it be but it's getting out of control. Please i need some kind of help. I can't stand the feeling of panic attacks and it keeps me constantly on edge. I want to live life normal again but this anxiety won't allow it. My thoughts are out of control and constantly trigger my panic.

I'm sorry for droning on. I don't know what else to do.

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Hi Robb1,

Welcome to the community! It’s brave of you to reach out for help. Just as you have done here, with us, tell someone about this. Therapy is often helpful, but it doesn’t have to be the only way. There’s us, of course, but strangers online aren’t always helpful. Is there a relative, support worker or friend that you can speak to? One more person who supports you can really help.

If you feel like it’s so bad that you might harm yourself or worse, it’s super important somebody knows. If you feel like you’re about to harm yourself badly or even take your life, call 999 or 911 or, well, you get the idea. Call the emergency guys. If it’s not as urgent, call 111 for info and help from the NHS. You can also go to A&E or the ER or, again, you get the idea. Those places aren’t just for people with physical ailments.

Try speaking to your GP as well- that’s free and may well help. You shouldn’t have to pay for NHS help- medication, yes, but general assessments etc., no. A private therapist will cost money, but proper, NHS help shouldn’t.


Welcome. Have you hear of the dare app? It helps me wind down.

Robb1 in reply to Julie_z

I heard of the face your fear tactics. It just messes me up more.

Julie_z in reply to Robb1

Oh gotcha. That scares me too but the sensations part of it helps me.

Hey Rob, have a look through some of my recent comments (going back a couple of months or so) as I too have cardiophobia and have probably said some stuff that would help quite a bit. I apologize but I'm at work and can't spend too long replying at the moment (or I'd write advice to you directly) - maybe you can get some relief in my temporary absence!

Hi Robb1

Have you tried controlling the thoughts by reversing your thinking to something else that is better and visualizing good? Have you ever tried the 5 things approach? Look around you. Find 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. Taking breaks is also important -- go outside, take a walk (or a run if you're a runner), somehow get some fresh air and exercise - that may help to take your mind off of the panic issues. I agree with sliverofsilver -- talk to your GP as there may be something they can do for you - and when you feel as if you may self-harm DEFINITELY reach out and go to the ER! You say you don't take meds - have you tried any and they don't work or you just aren't on any right now? That might be something to talk to your GP about too.....they aren't a magic bullet but might help take the edge of for you.

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