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Boyfriend going out

Ive been suffering with anxiety for about a year now, and I've been looking for a good website where I can speak to others that understand what I'm going through and find some advice.

Ive been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half now and he's amazing! But every time he goes out I just have the worst anxiety attacks ever! Thoughts run through my mind that he's going to cheat, find someone better and that he won't want me anymore, And it's driving me Insane. I don't want to stop him going out because that's just unfair.hes entitled to see his friends and I want him to go out and enjoy.

I have been having some counselling session but I just thought someone could give me some advice in how to deal with this when he goes out? I have contacted friends but they're busy working because it was last minute.

I just feel so horrible and upset.

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Hi Meggymoo,

I am glad you are having some counselling.

If you know the trigger (him going out) then you can do something for yourself in the time he is away. The trick is to do something that will take your mind off the subject (cheating).

It could be something physical like going for a walk or bike ride, pilates/yoga at home, doing meditation, listening to music, completing puzzles or booking an appointment either with yourself or a beauty therapist for pampering. Anything to keep you brain occupied.

Make a plan that says, when x happens I will do y action.

Good luck :-)


I think I'm going to pamper myself all night and get some snacks from the shop and watch movies! Try and keep myself oppucpied! Thank you for you're reply, means a lot xx

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Hi Meggy, I used to have the same exact feelings when my husband (boyfriend at that time) used to go out. I still suffer from the same anxiety but now for other things. What used to help is plan an outing with your own friends on the same day and at the same time. It will keep your mind off him cause of a laugh or 2 with your friends, plus at the same time, your boyfriend will think of you out and that gives him a mutual feeling of what you are going through. Eventually, my husband ended up cutting out on these outings since he became jealous of me being out with my friends :). Good are not alone. xx


I know, it's so difficult because I want him to go out and enjoy but at the same time it's so horrible having anxiety attacks. I did contact my friends but because it's so last minute they're all busy with work. I'm going to have a relaxing night and try and fight my anxiety. Thank you for you're reply, makes me feel stronger xxx

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Take a peek at this. I have used their program on relationship insecurity. X


Hi meggymoo34,

Your guy has been with you 18 months, he obviously cares lots about you.

Anxiety affects our loved ones too, so he needs some self time so he can chill and support you when he's with you.

Be happy for him, and look forward to the day you will be out with him,


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