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Panic attack at its worst

finally went to the er this weekend. I went out to eat with a friend of mine I started getting heart palpitations then my whole left arm started going numb then my right arm started going numb till till it just went down to my fingertips. I told the doctor what had happened the check my heart my blood pressure sure enough it was just a panic attack. They gave me ativan which calmed my nerves and felt good for the rest of the day. Next morning started getting anxious again. I really want to stop taking these pills cuz I don't want to rely on them

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When you start feeling anxious or start having a panic attack. Try and focus your thoughts on something else. Focus your concentration on TV or sounds. Take some deep breaths. And you will notice your anxiety go way down. Best thing to do is to mitigate the anxiety so the symptoms don't get worse.


Thats the worst ive ever gotten a panic attack i never thought id end up in the ER for it. Even if i meditate theres that one little bad thought in my mind that says no its not going to work. But im not loosing hope. Thankfully im not getting the heart palpitations any more since then. I feel more at ease.


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