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Extreme Anxiety. I need help!!! only 16


I struggle from severe anxiety disorder and its ruining my life. I also have health anxiety which is also ruining my life and I cant seem to get a grip on it and it feels like im wasting away my teen years. I wake up with a rapid heart beat and a panic attack almost once a week and I ALWAYS have shortness of breathe and then I think Im going to have a heart attack and die but its just my anxiety because Ive gone to several doctors and they all say im fine. I have a therapist and I'm on 3 different meds to help but nothing seems to work and my mother is bent out of shape because she doesn't know how to help me anymore and I just feel so helpless like I cant even go hangout with friends without having a panic attack. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or anything to help? It would mean a lot.

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Aww I'm so sorry about your extreme anxiety 😞I have major health anxiety too I just haven't been to a doctor about it I'm not on meds for it either

Do u like music that might help ?

I haven't found anything helpful yet besides this site

I would recommend checking Niveau Labs blog about krill oil helps reduce anxiety and depression.

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