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Hello im 28 and i have not been diagnosed with it but reading and researching my symptoms for the past three years has made me aware of anxiety i have suffered severe trauma in my life and it was back in 09 but the panic attacks didnt start till just 3 years ago i freaked out bad wouldnt leave and kinda developed what i learned was agraphobia i believe is how its spelled but it says fear of driving leaving home and just shut out the world ive done that for the past three years and even dropped out of the fire academy because i cant stand my anxiety is anyone out there ever been to the dr and just have panic attacks when they put the blood pressure monitors on you for vitals thats really the big reason i wont seek help all because of that bp machine im terrified last time i cried to my fiance i had strep throat i had to go to the dr theres no way i could handle what was going on it was so bad i left the dr office went down the street and chugged a lil pint of whiskey while having strep throat because i have drank alcoholic beverages to help cope with anxiety but then i stopped that recently when it said it makes it worst no one understands me i cried like a baby last time and my fiance just doesnt know what this is its not just something you deal with for two min and go about ur life it aint that easy i have no support in my life since my daughter passed away in 09 my family and i fell apart so its just my other daughter and fiance i really want help but i dont know what to do on top of that i have to take a dot physical next wed and im having anxiety already thats why im here please some one talk to me i pray im not alone


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  • Hi Bryceswaim1, I am so very sorry about the passing of your daughter. Sometimes anxiety takes time to appear when a trauma hasn't been addressed. It doesn't sound like you had therapy at the time. As the years pass by, it just takes another stressor and bam...anxiety suddenly appears. As having Agoraphobia myself, it is a daily struggle to get out of the house. The problem with anxiety is people not understanding that it is a chronic condition and difficult to change, but it can be done. You know that alcohol is not the answer and you must know that it is important to be able to see your doctor when sick, unless you find one that will come to your house. I did, for the first 2 years of my agoraphobia, the doctor came to me. But it can't stay that way, there is only so much they can do in your home. Anyway, that's not the answer. The answer is that you will need to have some therapy before you will get better. You are not the only one who gets panicky when having their blood pressure read and usually the doctor will retake it after you have been there a while. You say you had to drop out of the fire academy and that you have a DOT physical next week. Is that for a job you are in now? You have your other daughter and a fiancé and a future to look forward to but you need help in conquering these fears. I hope you continue to come to this forum. It is made of a group of people, all ages, who truly care and understand what you are going through. They are here for support in taking that first important step to getting better. Please keep in touch and know that you are not alone. My best to you.

  • Thank you agora my name is bryce ive actually convinced myself to get out it was hard hell i couldnt even walk my daughter to the park without panic attack now if i start to have one i tell myself ur not the only one and sometimes thats not enough but i keep moving along because i have to work i start a new job next week i quit my last job because of anxiety but ill be making 19 an hour and i pray that i dont quit this one because of anxiety

  • Bryce, see you already took the first step and that is starting a new job next week as well as pushing yourself to take your daughter to the park w/o a panic attack. You are probably feeling anxious when doing something your brain is telling you not to. There are many methods of controlling our anxiety, the one I use is listening to meditation/relaxation tapes while deep breathing. You can find some great Audio tapes on YouTube. Just 10 minutes of relaxing and focusing on what the therapist is saying on these tapes can immensely cut down your fears and anxiety both to your body and your mind. The key is practicing a relaxation technique and deep breathing every day so that when you do take your daughter to the park, you can be thinking positively as well as deep breathing while walking and reduce the anxious feelings from going into a panic attack. The thing is to stop it before it starts to build. Bryce, I wish you so much luck in your new job but first we have to support you in getting your physical. Let us know what we can do.

  • Thank you yes my physical is going to be on wed morning i feel fine in the mornins but once afternoon hits i just feel like crap till dark its really strange i dont know anything about that i just know i hate i hope it doesnt screw me over on my physical

  • We will be here to support you and wish you well.... Enjoy your evening!

  • Thank you very much and you as well

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