Extreme Anxiety

Please someone help me. I cant live like this anymore all of a sudden this anxiety has come into my life after I had a panic attack and was sent to hospital now this anxious feeling is in me all the time I cant breath my chest hurts im constantly scared. I tried yoga yesterday nothing, i have pills but wont take them as i don't want to depend solely on them. I live with my parents so they have been looking after my 9 month old cause i physically don't feel good. I miss my son i miss being my self doing normal things day to day life. please help me i dont know what to do .


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  • Hello lilli

    I am really sorry to hear about how you are feeling.

    Have you spoken to the health visitor or your GP? Is there a reason you don't like meds? X

  • The meds help me alot, but ive heard u can get addicted to them and once ur off them youll have trouble living without them..plus i have a flu so i took paracetamol i cant mix them together, I have an appointment next week with the doctors ..this feeling is awful

  • Phenergen are non addictive by the way, they are sometimes used for travel sickness and bee stings etc.

  • Hi & Welcome

    When we feel anxious it can feel very frightening & the more we feel that fear it causes the anxiety to feel worse

    Its one of the worse feelings there is , but even though it might feel like it , nothing bad will happen to you

    I no you say you don't want to get dependent on meds , but they have helped so many when they are struggling to cope & you don't have to take them forever , but they could help you & give you some breathing space while you get better & you will

    Anxiety is very draining , we use so much adrenaline when we are in an anxious state & that's perhaps why you feel physically drained

    Have you thought about asking your GP about counselling ?

    Keep talking on here ,people do understand & you will get lots of support & advise & it helps to know you are not alone




  • Thank you I'm glad uve said these things. I keep thinking in my mind that noting will happen to me and breathe think positive thoughts, but its soooo bloody hard everything feels physical., the heart racing, the not being able to breath, feeling like your going to die, its just horrible and I truly hope there is a cure to this for good. And as for the pills Ill start taking them slowly. Thanks once again. If you have any other advice interms of what to do if I feel like im having one pleasee please let me know x

  • Hi I was like this at first didnt want to take my medication but after 2 weeks of anxiety I did because I couldn't take any more now I feel miles better I also listen to hypnosis anxiety on you tube it helps a lot and relaxes me and try breathing exercises hope this helps x

  • Hi

    I understand it does feel physical , when you have a panic attack & its not easy but try hard to take breaths in & slowly let them out again & every time you get through a attack give your self some praise instead of beating yourself up over it as we understand how difficult this is , but people that don't suffer with anxiety cant feel what we do

    Every little achievement you do through out the day , if its playing with your son that's a step forward

    This is little steps & you have started to take them you have seen your GP ,come on here & posted which takes some courage , I remember doing my first post & wondering will everyone either think I am mad or not answer me , so well done !

    Like Scoobyd has said she was so wound up about taking the meds & yet after a week even less talking to people on here she found the strength to take them & she has come on so much even facing difficulties along the way (sorry Scoobyd talking about you , but its because you are a good example of someone that has made so much improvement )

    Be kind to yourself this will get better :-)


  • Hello and my best advice is do what i do i go into a quiet place and just close your eyes and focus on your breathing deep breaths and just imagine your anxiety going away. Realize pills are for help but dont depend on them for everything try and see what you can do without them

  • Hello and my best advice is do what i do i go into a quiet place and just close your eyes and focus on your breathing deep breaths and just imagine your anxiety going away. Realize pills are for help but dont depend on them for everything try and see what you can do without them

  • Yes I agree with whywhy if your doctor has given some medication it is wise to take it just until you feel better as anxiety is draining emotionally and physically. CBT Therapy and Medication has helped me a great deal. Take care x

  • I can relate to this as I am in exactly the same boat. I don't and never have taken my tabs as I'm too worried that coming off them will be very hard. I am at the point where I can't leave my house anymore because it's really bad when I'm out, the panic and anxiety won't stop till I'm back in my house I can't control my panic attacks when out. I've just started cbt, (therapy) with stepbystep I'm not sure if they are the only one of if there are a few around, maybe pop it in google n have a check, if there isn't a stepbystep near you there will be somewhere that does cbt so worth liking into. Also try reading to control your panic attacks, it's all in the mind and you need to try and relax your mind.

  • Hi lilianaisabel..just read your post and wanted you to know you are being thought of. I totally empathise with the feeling of despair you have regarding anxiety and panic and it's awful symptoms. The chest pain, racing heart, shortness of breath and feeling of impending doom does a GREAT job of providing our poor bodies with the symptoms of what we think is a heart attack, or cardiac problem! The symptoms are so similar when we first experience them and it's almost too hard believe the medics when they check us out that we are OK...even harder to accept when the same symptoms remain, or come back in waves that they were telling the truth...but from someone who experiences exactly the symptoms you are having please be assured that as your breathing becomes more controlled and the surge of adrenalin subsides and your body calms, so will those dire symptoms. Check out the MIND publication about panic and get familiar with all the aspects of the debilitating little horror ...there is loads and loads to help it (non medication techniques and Meds) It's sometimes a bit of a long slog and hard work to normalise after panic and anxiety comes into our lives (always as a result of a reason which sometimes can't be found easily by us but perhaps through a counselling route) but it ain't there forever usually...at least not as strong as powerful or so often but it will take a different approach from you to get the little horror under control so it can't freak you out so quickly and or so hard.

    Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon.

    PD xx

  • I think maybe you need to discuss the way you are feeling with your doctor...preferably with a lady doctor who is a mother herself.....your baby is only nine months and you may need some iron or be deficient in zinc or some other necessary nutrient. If you have trouble sleeping try 10mg Phenergen an hour before you want to sleep, you can buy them over the counter but make sure they are safe with any other meds you may take.

    Also talk about the way you feel with a friend, or your mum.

    I've had three children, now all grown up, some with their own kids.

    Don't despair, always think that there are people so much worse off than you are...you have a gorgeous baby to love...try and relax whenever you can

    I wish you well.


  • Thank you everyone for your support, this is all new to me and coming here was the best decision ever, it has helped me to calm down knowing that I'm not alone. Yesterday I was feeling much better did feel abit anxious towards the end of the day, Christmas shopping, busy streets is not the one for someone who suffers with anxiety so towards the end I felt anxious which I was able to deal with and it slowly disappeared. but when the anxiety hit my whole body felt heavy whilst I walked like I weighed a ton, I could feel like my body wanted to collapse is this also a normal symptom for anxiety, because it really is physically draining. Also wanted to let you guys know that I saw someone write on the support group about elderflower cordial helping with anxiety and helped to relax, so I bought this last night in sainsburys and I must say it did help me to relax. Thank you guys its so hard as know one really knows what it feels like and I often think maybe ppl think this is all just drama, so having you all here is awesome!!

  • Hi

    Well done yesterday going out Christmas shopping !

    You are right its not a good combination when you have anxiety but you did it & you should feel proud of yourself :-)

    Yes the body feeling heavy & as if you are going to collapse is a symptom I have had many times , I think its all the adrenaline that we use dealing with our anxiety that could be the cause & as awful as it feels it passes

    Thank you for letting us no you have found the elderflower cordial helpful , I have never tried it i will have to give it a go

    You are doing really well , keep coming on & talking it really does help :-)


  • Hi

    The same happened to me 9 months ago. I phoned my parents in tears thinking I was loosing my mine and I couldn't manage the children whilst hubby was at work. They came and moved in for 2 weeks, made me take an ssri prescribed by the doc ( even though it made me feel worse for 2 weeks until it kicked in) .... And then no light bulb moment , I got better, each day was easier and after 6 weeks I was back at work and juggling family life.... I am still on the tablets and just think of them as taking a little vitimin... They helped me break the cycle of fear .... Please don't be afraid of properly prescribed medication - saved my life

  • What medication did u take if u don't mind me asking? I'm going through this right now and I feel terrible because my mother is here the entire day with me and my 2month old after working the graveyard. I can't handle being alone or the baby crying and I've been off and on blood pressure meds and stuff to make me sleep since I had my son. Nothing is working my bp is still out of control even tho I'm on a beta blocker in the evening and anti depressant med in the daytime. I just got taken off zoloft and switched to another med because my thoughts got worse so I hope this is the cute I just want to relax and sleep and wake up feeling relaxed not like it's doomsday everyday.

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