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Anxiety disorder is ruining my life. Any help out there?


I have a severe anxiety disorder with everything from extreme panic attacks, agoraphobia,social phobia,extreme blushing and embarrassment when someone looks or talks to me to every waking second being consumed by a panic in my chest. I feel like i am going crazy and losing myself.I am on medication and awaiting some therapy but im only 24 and i feel like i'd be better off dead because this is ruining my life. Can anyone relate?? any advice?

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hi kayleigh123, ive been suffering with panic attacks, anxiety, depression - which is nderstandable with all this going on, agoraphobia, social anxiety, health anxity......god its never ending isnt it. you are not alone and have come to the right place. so your on meds thats good, waiting for therapy thats also good but it sounds like you need to get yourself int a little routine that relaxes you alittle at least. and i know its easier said than done but for me personally when im at my worst i listen to hypnotherapy on youtube, sit in my massage chair, burn lavender oil, try and read or watch someing that really grips me, i try and do something that takes my mind away from how bloody awful i feel. had a bad day yesterday cos im due on and im always a bag of nerves when that time rolls round, and dont laugh but i was knitting:) cos it took my concentration and i had relaxation music on called zen garden. try different things and see what works for you. hoppfully your turn for therapy will come round soon but if you really cant cope before then call your gp and get an appointment asap its there job to help you its what there paid for so dont feel like apest. also you can go into holland and barrett and tell them what meds your on and ask what you can take for anxiety that might also help. xxxxx

thank you sam1981. :) your answer is exactly the same as what my family and closest people have been telling me, find a hobby,anything i may enjoy to take my mind of the constant dread,so maybe its time i try this. I am unable to work because of my anxiety so my days are pretty dull and lifeless,i dont actually have any hobbies that have come naturally to me so im going to have to work at finding things i am going to enjoy. I will try some youtube hypnotherapy :)

Its funny what you said about the doctor, I do feel i am a pest or a burden when i reach out for help because i have had some very negative responses such as 'oh well everyone gets nervous you just have to get a grip' or 'you're only making it up so you dont have to do anything about it/you enjoy being ill' so i find it extrememly difficult reaching out for help. This site seems to be full of friendly people supporting each other and i look forward to being on here. thanks for your advice :) x


I can relate, you are not alone, deep breaths.

I have the same fears as you. I don't want people to look at me, talk to me, I can't go out unless to GP. I spend most of my day in my nest, a room at the top of the house so I won't hear a knock at the door as it freaks me out.

I get bad panic attacks thinking of things that have, will, might happen, always to the extreme.

How long have you been on your meds, as mine can make anxiety worse. I know. Crazy right.

Don't ever say you'll be better of dead as you won't, you'll be sent strait back and go through it all again till you get it right. That's why we get de ja vou. lol

I had my first session today and I feel it's going to help so please never say never.:-)

When feeling down, alone, sad, come here and talk to us lot.

We may be able to help with advice, support or just put a smile on your face:-)

Love Cookie

thanks cookiepatch :) i feel this site will be helpful to me. I have been on my medication (propranolol)since i was 17,its the only way i even get down the stairs!! i can totally relate staying in your little nest,i do the same! i am renting a room in a shared house where everyone else is out most of the time so thats great for me as i have an intense fear of people,even started to get really embarrassed when my mum/closest friends look at me,it seems ridiculous..its how people communicate by looking at one another but it makes me blush like a burnt tomato then i get an attack because im so aware im blushing...urgh,so i avoid pretty much anything that involves people....aka hermit crab! :/

I dont want to die, but i do feel like i am losing myself in this,like its some huge swirling sea that i am drowning in. I hope my counselling sessions are going to help, how will i talk face to face!!??! this is what i am most afraid of.

Thank you for kind words :) x


Hi Kayleigh123.

Dont worry about the councelling sessions, I can asure you they wont be like your experiences with the doctors.

They understand, they wont judge, you can be, do whatever, and its ok. Even if you wanted to face the other way so they dont see you bushing, I'm sure they could suggest something.

Dont punch them though :-)

When I first went I had to be in a room with a door to the outside before I could even get in to see the therepist, and the door had to be open, lol. And they accomodated me, bless them.

Wishing you well


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thanks baylien. I think this is what i am most nervous about as i have already missed my first appointment through travel issues so my therapist is mad at me so its added extra stress and anxiety. i hope she (my therapist) has worked with people with anxiety disorders before,i will have to explain to her before we start the sessions as i really need to engage in some therapy :)

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Phone your therapist and explain it to her, she will understand.

All anxiety disorders result from defieciency of neurotransmitters like serotonin,dopamine.anxiety causes shallow chest breathing which causes circulatory do yogic breathing for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. eat healthy diet.engage yourself in physical will start to improve.

hi, i would reccommend a book called called self help for your nerves by claire weeks.. It tells you how to cope and face your fears. also go to a site called try to keep positive and do some exercise, even if its just a walk.

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