why wont my anxiety stop :(

i hadn't had panic attack for months till last weekend, and now im anxious because these feelings have never lasted this long, nearly a week :(

i try relaxing, i try distraction but my anxiety still switches between tight chest and my stomach feeling upset, and its constant... its not a panic attack more like constant anxiety. its not going away. i dont even know why it came on:(

i got appointment tomorrow. im praying theres a medication that can help me break its grip :(

no matter what i tell myself i cant make it go away :(

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  • Hi jsp. Sorry your feeling like this.

    Are you currently on any medication? There are meds out there for you & also other things like counselling.

    I've suffered a long time, but again after a few years of thinking I had it under control it's back with a vengeance. GP has put me on meds which I haven't started taking yet, but also referred me for a talking therapy.

    Have you spoken on here before? I've only been on here a few days and found it a great help.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • hi loo, myself im going thru what you have...had it under control untill the weekend when two sleep panic attacks in a row woke me. ive had constant anxious feelings in chest and tummy since. breathing , relaxing is helping but not much and hasn't eliminated it.

    i found this forum a few days ago its good to see others understand though i wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone yet im glad others understand.

    i have a doctor appointment tomorrow im going to see if he might be able to help with medications and therapy.

  • So good to speak to people who can relate with you isn't it?

    I really hope you're gp helps you. I've been so up and down lately, but the anxiety is always underlying.

    I get myself into a rut and feel that nothing will ever be right again.

    It's worse for me at night time, I get the racing thoughts and then attacks. What's different this time around though is the nightmares, and it's the same nightmare every time.

    What do you find helps you?

  • honestly before my venalafaxine medication usually helped but it hasn't since i had my weekend attacks... i am going to try getting medication and therapy.

  • Hope it all works out for you, it will :)

  • Hi Jsp, hang in there...it will pass, ive been going through constant anxiety for 3 weeks x

  • im sorry :( is it easing off?

  • It is :)

  • was it constant like 24-7? thats how mine is, not a full on attack just deep anxiety

  • Yes Jsp, it's there all the time, goes up and down and i'm only sleeping for about 5 hours at night

  • do you feel its getting better? not seeing a doc or taking meds?

  • It's kinda up and down but all the time, I went to docs this morning and he has up my dose of citalopram to 40mg

  • hello jsp83 and everybody else.I'm 68 suffered from angst all my life did not know what it was when younger.My life is being ruined by this unexplained canker in my guts. its there 24 7 I have tried everything but it will not desist. It here while I am writing this.It is an evil thing. Occasionally there are a few brief seconds when it lifts it is like seeing heaven. on a beach in the garden on top of a munro it is my constant dragging companion like a large black weight which I can sometimes feel in my throat. I have never written anything like this before. I know life should be treasured but I wish this bastard would go away.What the hell causes it. Does any one know?

  • mine seems to have calmed down a bit but im not sure if will last...still have lingering anxiety just not as bad.

  • hey jsp,

    iv had my anxiety for 5 weeks now and i find it hard to sleep and breathe at times

    i try and let it pass but it is really hard,

    hope your feeling better soon



  • louise really sorry to hear that, have you seen a doctor?

  • Only sleep if I take 2 nytol and a glass of whiskey and then I feel hung over. Always feel anxious and tired. Trouble is I think anxiety is very tiring and draining. Hope you feel better soon

  • my anxiety is constant,its so bad I am getting really depressed,I am tired ,weak,lightheaded,pains and aches,and feeling sick.I try to keep going but its a battle..and so draining..I am not happy with my life,I can't take meds,only xanax,but nobody seems to care...anxiety is the devil himself..

  • i know i had a attack once that lasted 2 days i thought it would never end i just gave up i think i was just trying to fight it and thats what we do but i learned to accept it tell yourself its ok breath and try and put yourself in a happy place think about somthing you really want in life its yours if you want it bad enough dont fight it i hope you will get over this nobody knows or understands how bad these attacks are unless you have been there

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