I feel pretty good I am beating anxiety

Today I feel pretty good I been taking celexa 20mg for a couple of months now. I have started exercising but not everyday depends on my work schedule. I walk 2 to three miles in the morning and the same in the evening. I will say this has helped me a lot far as dealing with daily stress. I still have some bad days it they are not as bad as before. I have become emotionally numb to people's problems. I care but I choose now what I give my energy to. I sleep better now than I ever have. I get a lot of rest now. I also take Vitamin D 50,000 units once a week because I have a deficiency. I also take fish oil daily to boost serotonin levels and a Womens multivitamin. I have been trying to improve myself personally and I will continue as long as it takes. To anybody out there struggling don't give up. I went from crying everyday all day to smiling. I choose my battles wisely. I try to eat healthy. I make sure I drink more water. This can be beat! I have gotten to know what triggers my anxiety and I have decreased my interactions with situations that

cause it. I have lost a lot of so called friends in the process as well because they weren't good for my mental health.


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  • Hi User4567, you found the answer to anxiety. Little did you know it was within grasp all the time. I think finding Celexa was a start for you in allowing you to go forward and set your priorities in life. Each one of your sentences should be high lighted because each one hinges on the other in getting better. Congrats to you. It took work, patience and small steps but the goal is so worth it. Continued success. Happy Life! xx

  • I haven't bed this happy in awhile and for the first time I'm alone no relationship and I'm happy

  • User4567, I'm so glad you are experiencing the happiness and natural high that leaving anxiety behind gives us. "No relationship and I'm happy" says a lot in that you are your own person and have found that you are strong, independent and happy with who you are once again. My best to you, Agora1 x

  • Thank you very much happy Saturday and eat chic fila always lol

  • :) x

  • This positive posting will give hope to many others - thank you for sharing your recovery with us and the things you did to achieve it.

  • Wonderful!! your post has given me alot of hope.

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