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I feel like i've gone CRAZY!!!

I knew nothing at all about anxiety and panic attacks until I felt like i was just going to drop down dead or die in my sleep so went to my docs because there must be something seriously wrong that is telling me that this is going to happen, explained what had happened and he said you have anxiety i'll send you for CBT.

I had a few sessions and read the booklets they gave me but still had no clue so she sent me for councilling! (don't actually know if thats helping either but i'll keep going) I have got a lot of things off my chest there though so maybe its working!!

But i still can't get these HORRID thoughts out of my head! They aren't all day everyday anymore but they are most days and are driving me up the wall because once the thoughts come then all the chest discomfort, heart palpatations and everything that comes with it.

Please anyone give me some tips because i can't cope with this!!!

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Have you done the breathing exercises? Do you know I wrote them off for years thinking they were rubbish but please believe me they work . Lie down somewhere comfy or sit whichever you prefer and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 5 hols a few secs and breathe out for a count of 7through your mouth. Try and get out more air than you put in. You will feel better soon hopefully. The symptoms you describe are so common but very frightening! and strike out of the blue. Horrid aren't they my friend. Someone will be on soon enough to give their advice. Try and relax friend, Good Luck xxxx


Hiya ellabella, No i haven't tried breathing excercises yet but i will try this today!!! Thank you so so much for your advice!!!


Well, I've been suffering from panic attacks for 6 years now! and I know that just reading this wont convince you - but you will not die from a panic attack! it's completely unheard of.

I struggle to do anything about an attack while it's happening - but I can tell you the few things that have definitely helped:

Relax - easier said than done. Breath slowly and look around, don't watch TV or a screen. Try to calm your imagination, and be as realistic as possible. Stretch out, yawn, all the things that you'd associate with being relaxed. This will help loosen the tightness in your chest a lot!

Go to sleep. Have a nap! I know it's hard, but sleep is a great stress relief.

Failing those - try to find the cause of the panic. Sometimes it could be nothing, but a lot of the time there's an underlying stress or problem that could be causing it - resolve this problem in your mind and it may help calm you down.



When I have intrusive thoughts I just distract my might help u !!read papers, do something in the house ,start to talk to wishes


I found it almost impossible to relax and breathe at those times until a friend bought me an orange and a box of birthday candles with holders.

I know, you're thinking - "what?"

you put the orange on a plate, put the holder in the orange, put the candle in the holder,

light the candle place it away from you and be aware of the glow.

now practice your breathing until the candle burns out.

it only lasts a few minutes but it helps.



[be fire aware]


Thank you everyone for your comments!! They have been very helpful!!!

I've had a good day today not so anxious although the horrid thoughts have been trying to creep in, i've tried taking no notice of them.

Many thanks for the breathing excercises they are helping!!!!


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