Dizzy, Feel Faint, Lightheaded from Anxiety

I feel dizzy, faint and lightheaded everyday at different levels of severity. I've always had anxiety symptoms but it really got bad last year when I had a major panic attack and had to go to the emergency room 2 days in a row. Tests were fine and i was told i have anxiety. I had to miss work time as well. Been suffering all this time, taking meds is not an option, i started seeing a homeopathic dr a few months ago, things can get worse before better. Does anyone else have daily dizziness/lightheaded/faint feeling and pressure on the chest? I have other scary symptoms but these are at the top. I go to a therapist weekly and live a holistic lifestyle. No caffeine, no alcohol, no meds. Thanks.


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  • Hi. I can say that i do have moments that i get lighte headed and dizzy feelings. What i do get quite often is the feeling unbalanced. But its not a constant thing for me like everyday but i do get this. Like yesterday i went to take my daughter to the fair and i was already having a somewhat rough two days because im not getting the best of sleep still but as i was walking around with my daughter there was two times i got immediate light headed and felt faint. IT scared me so i stood there for a minute and it went away but that whole time there i was on edge. I dont know if the mixture of the sun plus me not eating a good meal before i got there or drinking enough water aided in this happening. I still haven't figured it all out because it just happens when it wants to. And i have lots of other scary syptoms too. I too have tried changing up a bit on what i intake like no alcohol, and ive cut down tremendously on caffine, and i dont take meds either; well i have taken Tylenol pm a few times to help me sleep but that was it. But i often wonder does the foods or drinks we eat cause a lot of what we are going through. I have lately begin to feel like im scared to eat anything processed or that i dont prepare myself. Out of fear something bad will happen.

  • Thanks for your reply, i hope you feel better. Its the scariest thing. I have tried magnesium foot soaks for the added mineral uptake, its helpful as you may want to try.

  • Yes every day all day feel off balance like my surroundings look strange I feel like I'm in a dream and I'm not real

  • Its awful. That feeling for me is intensified ehen walking in a big, crowded place. Feelings of being in a dream and disconnected, scary.

  • I have it now bad feel not real and like I'm floating and going to faint. I have it every day

  • Thanks, hope things improve

  • I have this everyday :( it sucks and it the absolute worst

  • Im right there with you, glad im not alone. I feel like noone can really understand unless you have it. Sometimes i feel like im disconnected from where i am while feeling lightheaded, beyond scary. I have to push through it to get ready for work and such. Hope we get better soon!!!! Thanks for your reply.

  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded and faint is a very common symptom of anxiety disorder, problem is the more we think about it, test ourselves for it, the more our jangled nerves oblige and make us feel even more lightheaded.

    Meds not an option? But if you were diabetic abd needed insulin to live you'd take the insulin option rather than the drop dead option, yes? Twice in my life taking meds made the difference between supporting my family or retiring to a dark room indefinately. Nobody wants to rely on meds for ever if they can help it but if things become overwhelming and someone needs immediate relief they are more than an option, they're a necessity.

    Tranquillisers are also useful for confirming if something is anxiety based. I've had mild vertigo that wasn't anxiety based, it's to do with debris settling on the hair-like structures in the inner ear that control balance, so when a few years ago I felt slight dizziness and unsteadiness I tool a diazepam and it went so I knew it was anxiety.

    I think lightheadedness caused by high anxiety is a good example of where too much introspection and self examination can magnify the feeling. The alternative which can banish dizziness and lightheadedness due to an over sensitised nervous system is to accept the feeling for the time being, truly accept, acknowledging that it's there but not attaching so much importance to it. Just get on with doing what you need to do knowing that anxiety isn't lifethreatening and won't make you actually faint: the power of anxiety is limited, it can imitate real physical illness but it can't actually disable you.

    Accept the bad feelings calmly and without generating the fear on which over sensitive nervous systems thrive. After all, you've had this dizziness long enough to know you can function despite it. And if you didn't know it befire you know it now: these symptoms are unworthy of your fear so accept them utterly ad you can't fear them and accept them at the same time. As you start to starve your over sensitised nerves of that what they thrive on they begin to recover and the lightheadedness begins to fade and eventually you realise you can't remember the last time it bothered you - and that's the moment you realise you've recovered because you realised that dizziness, lightheadedness and feeling faint are not deserving of our fear.

  • Jeff, i appreciate your response and suggestions. Meds will never be an option for me as i believe with anxiety it will get better without the scary side effects of meds. I am seeing a homeopathic dr and taking natural remedies. I dont believe in numbing oneself and would rather feel the symptoms and deal with them.

    Thanks again for the encouragement in the fight against anxiety..

  • I tried meds and they didn't work for me at all. I decided to try acupuncture and it took a little bit for me to feel the affects but I can certainly tell the difference now. Also my acupuncturist had me drinking Chinese herbs that really help probably more than the acupuncture. Good luck to you.

  • Do you know the names of the Chinese herbs ? I would sure like to try them.

  • Its a mixture of12 different herbs and different amounts. She doesn't share her "secret recipe" but I believe any Chinese medicine doctor with knowledge of Chinese herbs will be able to help you.

  • Sounds like classic anxiety. It will get better if you eliminate stress including the stress of worrying about why you feel like this. I agree with Jeff's comment, and I even agree that medicine can help some people sometimes. I choose not to take it, because with anxiety, you can also heal without it, it's just takes longer. By overcoming anxiety without meds, you are better equipped to handle any symptoms that should arise because you've been forced into facing and accepting way more than if you numb yourself to your symptoms. Medicine can also make things worse, so I am choosing to work on my unhealthy thinking patterns, which I believe for me into this anxious state, which started in March after my mother died. I am doing much better, I had stopped going to church and other places, and now I'm going again. I feel good most days now. The only lingering issue is I still wake up with anxiety and sometimes panic in the night. I am trying to relax and let it happen and not worry too much about it. And believe me, it was BAD! I called the paramedics twice. I have been through hell. So, anyway, I do think this helluva beast CAN be beat with or without meds.

  • Im so glad you are feeling better and especially without meds. I appreciate you taking the time to reply, its helpful to me.


  • Hi Christine! That is me too.. Panic attacks last year only to be told its anxiety. And pretty much constant light headedness and giddy, off balanced feeling since then. Oh and ringing in my ears. I tried acupuncture which seemed to help quite a bit for a few months but then we moved cities and don't have one here. My symptoms were getting worse and worse when we moved house and my husband travelling and looking after 2 small kiddies alone to the point where I wanted to fall over! Even felt dizzy going for a walk or being outside in my garden or at the shops.. I had tried antianxiety meds last year for 3 days but had horrible symptoms so I stopped.. But recently thought I'd try different ones (Brintellex).. So far no horrible reactions. I have noticed I don't feel feel quite as wonky. It's a day by day thing with me.. Usually I feel really wonky and spaced out in the morning when I'm trying to do a million things and feel stressed. I take regular B12 injections and a bunch of vitamins.. Magnesium, vit C, D3, omega, Niacin. Iv also started going to gym and for walks regularly. So hopefully something will start to work! All the best and hope u feel better soon.

  • All the time. I feel so overwhelmed with fear. Heart palpitations are the worst and feeling out of control of my body. So tired 😴

  • For someone who has been on mess for many years and is looking to get off. PLEASE PLEASE share any natural success you experience

  • Yes, I have had those and still have small dizzy spells from time to time. Worst feeling ever.

  • I feel lightheaded and out of whack for sure during pms. But after my period , I only feel out of whack sometimes. I get tense in my upper back . I burp voluntarily sometimes when nervous . I get tension headaches too. I overthink a whole bunch. I’m a new vegan myself so it’s been helping mostly but at night sometimes I get panicky . I get this weird sinking feeling while trying to relax my eyes and get prepped for bed . I usually meditate, fall asleep ..that whole routine but then that sunken feeling comes on sometimes. Then I wake up in a panic or hyperventilate ..same thing I guess :/

  • But yeah I’m trying to do alternative medicine too because meds suck & I got addicted to em . I tapered off finally . I gotta get a new therapist though , my old one let me go because I couldn’t afford her when she raised her prices then also my schedule at school conflicted with hers

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