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Think I am all good them bam

Hey all I have been feeling really good no stressing really about much after a really bad time with anxitey a few mths ago. I am back to gym and feeling good. Then I get one little pain in my body and it's all back to not sleeping nervous all the time about I don't really know. I just feel like I have something bad wrong : ( I have even started feeling like a cant breath it's hard to breath and my chest is tight not really had that before think it's the panic thing from what I have read. Anyone been like me ?? I know I just have to

Snap myself out of it and I know I will. but it is nice to see and hear others ideas and ways of dealing with this anxiety that can so quickly take over your happy every days. Thank you for reading

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I can relate to what you are saying. I can be fine (well fine for me!) lots of exercising and getting on with my life and then I get a funny symptom (that can't ever be explained) and that's it, I start spiralling. This time it is a bladder problem and my anxiety has got really bad I have been finally put in citalopram. So you see I know exactly what you are going through it's so frustrating isn't it. I've had every anxiety symptom in the book even had ECG's and heart scan which obviously turned up nothing because it was the anxiety causing the problems not my heart. Have you seen your gp?


I can relate. I remember reading an article and it said that our bodies are highly complex pieces of machinery and we do get strange and new little sensations every now and then. It's normally always nothing. One thing our mind can do when we are stressed worried or anxious is make up new sensations like a tight chest or a sharp pain that last 1 second. But when it recovers try and remember and mark it down in the memory banks as another one of those symptoms of anxiety so the next time you can say to yourself 'stop, this is just the brain on anxiety and it will pass'.

I hope you recover and that everyday it gets better. I've got to know my anxiety over the last 19 years and it doesn't come to visit so much these days as I've learned some techniques like these.


I have been to a Gp but she doesn't think I am that bad to go on anything. How do you Control yours Nicky36


Exactly like you! I have been doing well and just now I was out of bed like a rocket because I truly felt if I laid there I was going to die. I started to sweat my heart was pounding and my arms and legs were tingly and felt very heavy. Even though it presented itself differently I know what it is and just have to take an acceptance posture. Look at each moment it happens as another opportunity to work on your skills. Don't fight it it will only get bigger accept and let it just be there and it will leave sooner. Get the book a life at last by Paul david. I have a doctor now that reinforces the same basic training. The book helped me the first day I read it. Good luck and you are not alone!! Stacey


Since you know you are okay, keep repeating it to yourself until you calm down. Deep breathing helps. Sorry for these re-occurrences.


I am sorry you are dealing with this level of anxiety and sorry that I have been unable to reply for 2 days. I go through the same thing as several of you. Fine then as you say, bam, the anxiety comes back. I have medication I can take and it takes away the symptoms. I also have had a wonderful man in my life since March and he has helped me so much. Just today I had to see my GP about back pain that I have dealt with on and off for 20yrs. She had testing done and suggested injections on each side of my spine, 3 on each side, starting at the bottom and working up. I could have never done that alone. I was panicked as it was. My love called me to his chair and started rubbing my neck and shoulders. That alone helped so much.

I imagined horrible pain, I was tense and scared out of my mind. It wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined. My mind can get so out of control.

If you are alone, I know it is so difficult. I have done that for years. I know it isn't any fun. Now that two days have past, I hope you are feeling somewhat better. Patti


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