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Here it comes again, i thought i controlled my anxiety:(

I started having anxiety in 2013, and it was specifically bad in December, I felt sick everyday.. Dizzy and nauseous, anxious so anxious.. And before dec, i remeber going to the doc because i thought i was having a heart attack.. And the docs said im perfectly healthy! So i was going crazy! And finally i got 'Hope and help for your nerves' by Claire weekes.. I read some of that and it instantly started helping me, made me feel like i wasnt so alone(alone with finding this website:)) and i got in under control for a long time.. Until this past month. Its been bad.. Flare ups, cus i've been so stressed and so nervous about things.. And im starting to feel like i used to, i dont know what to do now. I realy feel like something is wrong with me, ive been light headed, heart palpitations (again) sick anxious feeling in the pit of my tummy everyday.. I cant eat. Plus my sinuses, when i bend over and back up it makes me lightheaded, then i have to breathe heavily.. Ugh:( does anyone feel this way ever? Or know whats going on im kinda getting worried all over again like crazy:(

With love, Vic

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Hi Vic

I know what your going through as I'm going through all this crap now! Lightheaded, pressure in my head, feels like my heads gonna exsplod! I've been dizzy for a week now and it's all due to anxiety! This all started back in early August after a visit to my doc for a headache that wouldn't go away! Doc said I had high blood pressure and sent me home with pills. Anyway long story short! This went on for a month/ lots of pills- two different doc's and a trip to the hospital! I stopes eating too! Lost a lot of weight! I just don't have a appetite! And I have that empty not in my stomach too! This is all the cause of post traumatic stress! And no answers! Which has lead to anxiety!! I just want to feel normal again but my body has a mind of its own! I can't control what happening to my body! I've stared antidepressant now/ and hoping to feel normal again!! It's a bitch!!


I feel exactly the same but i will not go on anti depressants.. I hate pills


That knot in my tummy is soo sickening.. Plus my face has a warm rush in it, idk why? Im over heated? And that has only been today. And when i stand up i feel sick :/ im so stressed from this


Yah im trying hard, thanks:)


You need to try and eat something even if it is just a little. Also you need to make sure your keeping hydrated. Try taking deep breaths and concentrating on your breathing this might help you to relax and the symptoms might lessen.

Hope this helps.



Got heavy kind presume inymy head dizzy to .. touch ny head or for head lje someone hit me hurts honsetly feel loseing my mind any one felt same worryin wearing me down ... doctor told bad anxiety ....... just wish I feel nomal numb xx


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