anxiety disorder i think am tierd this

So am laying down my feet feel tingling like a fight or flight or something then my heart starts beating hard and fast sometimes and sometimes i feel it in my stomach like a feeling going up like nervous or something honestly idk if i should go to the hospital right now because am getting worry about this but i been to hospitals already they say everything is normal and my blood os normal but am just scared at the moment because i still feel it its just some really wierd feeling in my body that feels like something about to happen to me my chest aswell hurts right now Just dont know am afraid of something really bad happening to me because of these feelings am getting idk what should i do at the moment


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  • Hi Johnnie1234, I just saw this now. I hope you didn't go to the hospital and that things have quieted down for you. Your heart beating hard and fast was a result of the adrenaline kicking in when you got afraid of the tingling n your feet. You were feeling the butterflies in your stomach from anxiety. Your chest muscles were tight and that's what was causing it to hurt. Nothing bad is going to happen. This are not dangerous symptoms but only anxiety playing with your thoughts. Try some deep breathing and relaxing....

  • I didnt goo but i felt like rush on my feet like something was gonna happen tingling thing and my eyes feeling heavy like they want to shut closed

  • How are you feeling now Johnnie? Did you take your medicine? Sometimes a hot glass of tea (decaf) calms me down.

  • i just felt this sharp pain on my chest i jumped up and my heart started racing right now wnd got a little bit of dry cough

  • Johnnie, you are experiencing severe health anxiety and really need to be on something for a short time. What is happening now is fear is begetting fear. Something has got to break that cycle or it will continue from one thing to another.

  • You sure is that i just dont want nothing to happen to me and am home alone aswell

  • I certainly don't want anything to happen to you either Johnnie. Being home alone is making it worse. Is there someone you can call and talk to??

  • Johnnie, you feeling better?? Make sure you hydrate, it will help that dry cough. The sharp pain you felt in your chest was most likely a nerve. Your heart started racing because of the adrenaline.

  • Yeah am more calm chest these chest pains scares me its always there am almost feeling it

  • hope your feeling a little better now. I know these feeling all to well in the last couple of weeks. Maybe see gp and some meds. Im on propranlol now. Coz heart beat just felt out of control. Its helped a lot. The chest pains will because your tensed up even if you dont feel tense. All anxiety symptoms at scary and being on your own will probably have worsend them. Try some deep breaths and try calm yourself down a little. X

  • Yeah am trying my best am

    really i am i got the same one aswell propranlol

  • i know its hard im not my best today. Keep strong hang in there.

  • Yeah am really im trying my best to control this but its hard

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