Numb/Tingling Face, Dizziness etc - Is this really anxiety!? :(

Hi, I am really after some help as I have been suffering with this for nearly 8 months and I've had enough and finding it really difficult. Its ruining my life :(

These are my symptoms and I want to know whether this really is anxiety:

Dizzy Spells, Dizzy Zaps/Jolts, Blurred Vision, Stiff neck and shoulders, Numb/Tingling Face and scalp, Pressure in ears, Vibrating Sensation when waking up.

I have had a ECG and MRI both of which came back with abnormalities a arachnoid cyst from the MRI and Short PR from the ECG both of which are nothing to worry about.

I am so scared I am going to faint, have a seizure or just drop dead..

Please can some one help...


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  • Hi

    I am sorry you are feeling so bad

    I have all those feelings you talk about & the numbness in the face & tingling , I have been suffering with them for ages , so yes i do believe anxiety causes them & the more anxious we feel , the more sensations we get

    I no its not easy , but you have had tests done & they have said there is nothing to worry about , if there was , it would be more than their job was worth , not to treat you

    Have you seen the GP & explained how bad your anxiety is , if you have , then I would go & see them again , if you havnt I would make an appointment , maybe some meds or counselling would help

    I can see you must ne from the old site from your pic , so its lovely to see you on here as I dont think we have spoke before

    Keep talking as you will already no it does help




  • Thanks for your replies, its really appreciated :)

    I saw my GP when this all started and had 6 weeks of CBT which really helped and I am a lot better than what I was. I just keep having relapses especially when I get a symptom I've never had before. I had this weird vibrating thing when I woke up the other day and I am convinced i'm having some sort of seizure :( Thankfully I am having days now where I feel better and escape from these symptoms which use to be 24hrs a day but I am so fed up. Did you both recover from yours?

    Thanks xx

  • Hi fedup

    I still get the symptoms , but am doing better at accepting them & not fearing them , knowing its anxiety

    It does take some doing , but with practice , we can

    I no you have had counselling & it helped , but on here i have read people have had it more than once , so if at any stage you feel some more would help , dont be afraid to ask again

    Keep chatting on here , it helps I think to no you are not alone

    As for symptoms , i use to have a new one every day , I think you sound like you have a little health anxiety & when we do , we are so tuned in to what are bodies feel , we focus on everything & anything we feel , where others that dont have this , will feel the same bit think nothing of it


  • Hiya

    Dont worry hun, i had the exact same symptoms when i got anxiety 6 months ago. Maybe speaking to your GP will help you. I had these same symptoms for a month before speaking to mine and i think the not knowing made them worse.

    I hope you find peace soon hun. Let us know how you get on xxx Love Cookie xxx

  • hi again,

    I have good days and bad. CBT didnt work for me but im glad it had a positive effect on you. I get anxious about leaving my room now, let alone my house, as well as other medical issues i have.

    Take heart though, we will get there or as my assembly song said we shall overcome lol.

    No whywhy ,im not singing Kum by ya again lol xxx

  • Well I like Kum by ya & was going to join in as well

    Kum by ya my lord , Kum by ya

    oo lord Kum by ya

    No ..well i like it lol


  • I wonder what Will I Am would do to mix it up a bit lol.

    My favourite was lord of the dance. xxx

  • Will-i-am would do a brilliant job , he could mix anything that one could , I just no it lol

    Didnt really have a favorite , hated school , dont think I made it in time to Assemblies , always got distracted on the way to school i did lol


  • lol, yeah, buying fags xxx

  • Thats right you no me lol


  • Will-i-am would do a brilliant job , he could mix anything that one could , I just no it lol

    Didnt really have a favorite , hated school , dont think I made it in time to Assemblies , always got distracted on the way to school i did lol


  • I have headache for 2 years and have had MRI and all clear yesterday went to oral surgery my dentist thought my jaw washout ,no been to pain clinic going to give me a tens machine but all say anxiety still I wonder have we missed something but., I suppose we have to believwthemTake Care.

  • Hi fedup

    I was really ill last year with anxiety/depresIon and I had all of those symptoms plus many more I won't bore you with. My face and scalp felt like it was crawling, I was dizzy and my vision was blurred. It's horrid so my heart goes out to you right now. I was put on meds and had therapy. I'm still on with both and the symptoms were under control until I went back to work. I still get the dizzyness and pain/tingling in my shoulder and the occasional stabbing feeling in my chest. When this happens I know I'm pushing myself too hard and not taking time for me. The symptoms no longer frighten me I have learnt to accept it as part of me and if I put my attention to something else it passes. Take care love eve x

  • Thanks Eva, I think I need to do the same thing, I feel like I never stop and have to just switch off and relax :)

    Hopefully its something that I will learn to live with..

  • I find Pilates helpful or just leaving the mountain of jobs behind and going for a walk and just focussing on my breathing and looking up and noticing what's around. Relaxation is the key but it takes time and patience to master when you are used to flying around at 100mph! Slooow down and breath love eve x

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