Does this sound normal?

Does this sound normal?

I definitely am an anxiety sufferer, obviously I'm not on here for the fun of it! So for a month I've had annoying headaches (not super painful just annoying and constant), neck pain & fuzzy brain/face (kinda of like in a fog). I'm not in pain but these symptoms make my anxiety go thru the roof than I'm just miserable not enjoying life going thru each day with no emotion, detached from the world. I went to a chiropractor yesterday & he did an adjustment which seems to have helped the neck pain. The foggy brain is what really bothers me! I feel like I'm slow & can't concentrate. I don't wanna be pumped full of drugs but am taking the herb Holy Basil just because I feel desperate. Are these symptoms normal for us anxiety sufferers that I'm just gonna have to get use to. Thanks for your input & support & please please please, try to enjoy your day!


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  • Hi. It all sounds perfectly normal. Everyone seems to differ with how long it lasts though so there's no timescale as to when it may clear off I'm afraid.

    I do hope it's quick for you and welcome xx

  • No timetable? So this can go on for months??? Years??? I appreciate the input. Wow this anxiety really sucks!

  • I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes. That's pretty much the bottom line.

    It can however be pretty quick though. Mine was a couple weeks. I was really disconnected from everyone and everything. Like living in a dream world. It was horrible so can totally empathise with you xx

  • What did you do during those couple of weeks?

  • There wasn't a lot I could do I completely fell to bits. Did what I could to try to pay attention to my kids and husband but I don't recall much of that time period at all. I had to still do school runs but apart from that I sat in a chair. Curled up in a blanket as I was so tired weak and cold. I'm super house proud and couldn't even do the hoovering once a day let alone the million times if normally have done. There are massive varying degrees of it. Never did I think something would swallow me up like that I was glad when it spat me back out eventually xx

  • Hi RockSock, It certainly sounds like anxiety. Have you been checked out by a doctor?

    The constant annoying headache could be coming from the neck which is coming from the anxiety. A muscular tension headache. I had heard of the herb Holy Basil,

    but looked it up for it's effects. Sounds like it helps with mental fog and anxiety.

    I wish you well.

  • Thanks. Got a doc appt today...super nervous. Not a fan of going just because I worry about negative news! The story of our life!!!

  • You're not alone in feeling that way. Good Luck, let us know how you do.

  • Thank you so much for caring enough to reply. I really hope I will be ok. I hope we will ALL be ok!

  • I'm praying for you. I'm suffering badly from anxiety as well and have for about 3 years now. Inwas diagnosed by a behavioral health doctor. I hate going to the doctor as well due to possible bad news. I don't go anywhere alone because I will have a bad attack, it's just horrible.

  • Hello RockSock....How did you make out at the doctor's appointment? I hope no news

    is good news. Most of all, I wish you some comfort with the anxiety. One day at a


  • Doc says it's just anxiety but is getting some labs I think to ease my mind. I just wanna enjoy life. Nothing more

  • I know you do and you should. We all are missing so many precious days.

    Wishing you well on your blood workup. Take it easy.

  • Thank you for caring

  • Yeah I'm pretty nervous

  • RockSock, sorry I didn't get back to your last question.

    I need to stay as "Agora1". Still here, still care.

  • Hi Rocksock, Sorry you are feeling so bad. I can understand about you wanting to keep things natural and not take meds. I ended up on medication cause I end up so desperate. A couple of healthy things I did was to look at my diet and fluid intake. I found I wasn't drink as much water as I should do. I don't drink coffee but I do know that if you've been drinking lots of coffee and cafinated drinks that if you suddenly stop drinking then you can get headaches cause of the caffeine with drawal. Might be something to look into as well.

    I'm working on my diet at the moment to get it healthier and looking into what herbs I can grow that are helpful for anxiety and depression.

    Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Hi RockSock, wishing you a good weekend and hoping your lab tests

    came back okay. Take care.

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