Back On Here Once Again its getting me very nervous about this Just need someone to talk about this going over and over

Happy thanks giving and happy balck friday everyone just to start with . Ok so Lately today i can be layed back or sitting down i been getting these pressure and titeness in my neck and head when i stand up from some where like from laying back or sitting any where its like something forcing me and making my heart force to pump hard or trying to speed it up i dont know what is really casuing all this but its getting tiering and very stressful so basically the sympthoms are irrgular heart beat and pulse , pressure in my head and neck like it get tite like i cant relax then when im already walking around it goes away its wierd , another one is really bad headaches everyday and sometimes i get dizzy or like a hotness inside in my body like soemthing is going to happen and also muscle spasms every where part of my body it moves from one part to another part also when im falling alseep could feel my heart beating wierd and i junp because i cant sleep becaus eof it and could feel my pulseinnmy legs and inside of my body and mostly in my throat like where my thyriod is its scary just keep being afriad of strokes heart attacks or passing out of no where sometimes feel like i cant breath also when i laydown i could feel my pulse behind my head jump beating super hard that i feel like something is blocked or trying to get blocked like a artery or something im just tierd people no one unserstand people thinks immjust crazy or something because docters dont find nothing even though i havent seen a docter for like 6 months probably or more then that i been stuck this way for almost 1year and half probably not knowing whats going on i fight this everyday but im getting tierd and not know what to do with my life and my self.


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  • Johnnie, I believe that every one of your symptoms are real and that you are feeling everything you say you are. What doesn't jump out to you, is that this is anxiety doing this to you and not a medical issue. Frustrating I know, to say the least. It is literally sucking the life out of you living this way for so long.

    It's time to step back and have a plan in mind as to what you can do to change all of this. It can't go on this way or you will be looking back 5 years from now wondering the same thing. Since you haven't seen your doctor for 6 months, why don't you start with a check up and let him know that things aren't changing and that you are still experiencing all these symptoms. See if he might suggest you seeing a therapist for a while to set you on the right path in reaching your goal.

    Unless you make up your mind that you really want to get better, this will continue going on. Are you on any medication at this time? Would you be willing to give it a try if the doctor prescribed something that would help you? Those are important questions to answer.

    I spent many years Johnnie, just like you, going to the doctor(s) asking for help but not listening. Getting prescription after prescription but afraid to take them as they continued to pile up in my medicine cabinet. I don't know what I was waiting for.. Maybe a miracle that one day I would wake up from this nightmare of symptoms and be completely healed without having to work for it.

    It doesn't work that way. Anything worth while requires work, commitment and believing that you will reach your goal. When you are ready, let your doctor know that you mean business this time.

  • yes it is real im just not thinking strieght right now because of whats happening my friends just invited me out to a bar but i dont know if i should go and just try to relax and also thank you always have my back

  • If you go, try to relax and have a good time. You need it.

  • im here no idk why my heart is racing super fast like im neevous and my i could feel my heart innmy throat its crazy

  • Johnnie, it's because you are nervous that you are feeling those symptoms. I do understand and know how scary it can be. I'm sorry. This is something that will have to be worked on but not when you are in the throws of anxious thoughts.

  • this is a crazy feeling im trying to fight t though

  • Have you ever read Jeff1943's posts or responses telling us that "fighting" anxiety isn't the way to go. We have to "accept" that it is not harmful and ignore it, in order for it to go away. Once we give into the fear, it starts a circle of fear begetting fear.

    When you say you fight it, what does that really mean? It's still there and still limiting you as to what you can do because the feeling is so overwhelming.

    Did you ever read Dr. Claire Weekes Book on Hope & Help for your Nerves? Or at least listen to her videos on YouTube. It will explain in full how "fighting" the feeling will not take it away but rather prolong it.

  • idk ehy my heart keeps racing and my throat i can feel it its pumping real hard and fast while at the bar

  • Oh Johnnie I remember those days all too well with myself. The thing that can help the most is being put on medication that will stop the heart from racing. Stop you from feeling that heart beat. Only then will you be able to go forward. You need to break that cycle and medication is the best way to do that at this time. From there you can go on to other methods of acceptance and relaxation. Right now you are frozen in fear and are not going anywhere.

    How are you feeling today after a night out?

  • Like what type of medication is good for that ? and honestly i feel good

  • Johnnie, embrace that good feeling and remember how nice it would be to feel that way every day. Enjoy the break :)

  • Johnnie,

    Agora1 wrote a very good reply to you. Not much That I could add, as you and I corresponded several months ago about you taking your medication, and you had many reasons not to. I think Agora1 is making some very good are feeling everything you write about, but it may be anxiety and or something else emotionally underneath it all. Perhaps it is time to see your doctor again and to open your mind about taking medication that may help you get a handle on your life. You deserve better but you need some help getting that better life, ok?

  • If you have not seen a doctor you should. If you have for same signs with no result it may be anxiety or even some of it side effects from meds. I get the hotness headaches palpitations and dizziness. I don’t eat a lot though. Side effects from meds and meds with no food. I can’t obviously give you a diagnosis though. Anxiety does all those things too. Since many illnesses have similiar symptoms you should definitely see a doctor. You may just need to adjust meds. A therapist can also help you a lot with anxiety coping skills. Exercise or even walking can take your mind off things which could be why walking makes it better. So take full advantage! Take a walk! Go outside take some deep breaths of nice fresh air and walk! Exercise is the very best medicine. Check the side effects of your meds. Sounds like that and anxiety may be to blame but of course I can’t say 100% online. Diet can help a lot too. Try to avoid caffeine for one. I hope you find some relief. You know your body better than anyone. If this has been happening for a year and has been uneventful you can probably rely on that proof to lessen your anxiety. I’m used to it. It’s miserable but I adapt. You can too! Just be safe! Check with a doctor if you haven’t and are concerned

  • i went but 6 mothe ago they said i was dine and my headt is fine so i dont know why it keeps happening though

  • I think they should have told you but if you are fine otherwise it’s anxiety that happens to all of us You need to try to go to a therapist so that you can learn coping mechanisms it is helped me tremendously I’ve been admitted to the hospital twice for the full cardiac work up now I have things I can try and stick which helps me tremendously

  • yeah my heart and pulse keeps beating irrigular though all the time

  • Mine does to women already much higher risk of heart disease then men that’s not to say they don’t get it I am one year younger than my mom was when she had her first heart attack suffering from anxiety put you at a much higher risk for heart problems but it sounds like you have been checked and everything turned out OK the same goes for me I would do things to enhance your help and start living instead of staying in fear about dying exercise diet No smoking no alcohol start living heart healthy and you will have nothing to worry about

  • Also make sure you are eliminating caffeine from your diet that can cause a new regular heartbeat or palpitations

  • yeah im only 21 years old but still my heart just goes super fast and calms down then comes back not knowing why

  • Your age gender etc. are all very positive those are the exact signs of anxiety caffeine can also cause those same symptoms

  • Be leery of any alcohol. That can be a stimulant and make anxiety worse. I don’t know that you are you just said you were going to bar. Go! Have fun! Relax! Music is good for me! Just know that as much as you might not realize anxiety gets worse when alcohol is added! Trust me! Have fun though! Wish I could come. I’d probably cancel though. It’s what I do. I dream of going out and dancing or having fun. I use to love it so much!

  • Anxiety literally has those same symptoms. So can side effects of meds but if you are concerned always see your doctor. From what you said you were having the same thing when you saw him. I have many of the same if not all of those symptoms. A therapist can help you significantly with coping skills. Exercise is one of the best and you can do that anytime and it’s free!

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