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Extremely Frustrated with Anxiety. Need some advice

I am absolutely frustrated w whatever I am feeling. For the past months I have been dealing with "anxiety" for months now and it seems like everything is getting worse. I get panic attacks, feel like I have GAD, but what has been bugging me the most is health anxiety. I never feel good physically and it is always something new, but recently it has been my stomach (doc thinks I have acid reflux, still waiting to get an upper gi x ray). I feel short of breath a lot, and recently my stomach problem has been so bad that I feel bloated for the past 3 days and chest pain/heart burn and now I am not even that and felt a but nauseous today. I was given Zantac and said to take antacids. I am absolutely sick of this because aside from this I am so tired all the time I don't have the energy to do anything ans it seems like something is always wrong w me physically. I got a blood test a few months ago & everything normal. Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or something? I want to do so much but I stay home pretty much all day never feeling well, wake up late & sleep late, and do nothing. Gosh and what is getting me mad the most is that recently I haven't even been anxious and I still have physical symptoms and weird sensations and everyone wants to throw the "anxiety " card w my physical symptoms. The only thing I have anxiety about right now is the physical symptoms that I am feeling and how I keep feeling terrible and nothing is being done. I am becoming physically and emotionally drained & am gonna talk to a psychiatrist but medication my HA don't mix since I know they have side effects. Plus I am already taking stomach meds and vitamin D. Any suggestions/ advice for natural treatment to all the physical symptoms of anxiety? I am sick of everyone saying anxiety doesn't make me feel good. I get that it does but I also have stomach issues and I dont know how to get out of this mess and just start living my life. Also recently I have been getting like muscle weakness and pain in my left leg behind the thigh and calf. Plus sometimes my hand falls asleep at night. Bad circulation, anxiety or something worse?

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Hi K7,

Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes and doesn't particulary show itself in one way or the other. Your anxiety is your own version.

There are natural remedies available over the counter to help with your health and wellness (sleep and anxiety etc). Just walk into a pharmacy and you will be amazed how many there are.

All that is natural is not necessarily safe, especially when combined with other pharmaceutical-grade medications or non-prescription dietary supplements.

The best thing to do is go and see your pharmacist for a medication review and advice about natural remedies.

Treatment should consist of some talk therapy + meds so please see a psychologist or psychiatrist for some psychotherapy. Usually 6 - 12 sessions will be required. Some maintenance visits are also advised.

All the best


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