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I haven't posted in a while since I have been struggling to get over Lyme and continued struggle with anxiety. I need some suggestions on how to proceed with medications. I have been prescribed celexa, Busphar, amytryptaline and Ativan by psychiatrist. I think it's too many meds and all pretty much sedating. He also wanted me to up celexa from 20 to 30 this week. I was feeling slightly better at times with 20 celexa, Busphar and Ativan .5 for sleep but still struggling with tension headaches, foggy vision, dizziness. Now with the new med changes I feel even more sedated and zombie like with more headache and some pm anxiety I don't know if I should just go back to 20 celexa ( have done 30 for two days only), cut out amytryptaline ( have only used for 2 days) or try to go a little longer with new regimen. I have to go back to work soon and I am very nervous.


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  • When you first started Celexa, did you make you tire? Because I read that every time you up a dose you will get the same side affects as when you first started. I say give it a couple of days and if is still making you too tired then go back to 20. Also, I was going to message you to ask if you saw the specialist already?

  • Thanks. I did see the specialist and he really said nothing, no more antibiotics. I do have another appointment with a Lyme clinic later in June but I don't know if to go or not. Everybody says it will take time but I am really running out of patience and can't imagine working but I really have to go back since I am running out of time off. Did you up your amytryptiline yet? I was given it for headaches and sleep but at .5 I really can't tell the difference since I am still taking small dose of Ativan for sleep Hope u are feeling better

  • So no more antibiotics but the Lyme is still there??? Are they insane??? And nope I didn't up the amitrypiline. I actually been having trouble sleeping again. So 10 mg is probably not enough for anything.

  • I guess my Lyme symptoms ( who knows anxiety vs Lyme) are supposed to resolve after time but everybody keeps giving me more meds for all symptoms and I pretty much had it. My neck hurts so bad I made an appointment for a chiropractor next week, maybe that will help with headaches and sleep. I also can't sleep and one of the side effects of celexa is isomnia. I think I am going to stop taking Amytryptaline for now just to simplify things and to know how upping celexa makes me feel. How are your symptoms of depersonalization?

  • If Celexa doesn't work for you then maybe you can later on stay on Amitrypline? Since it's also for anxiety. I don't know. You know how I feel about medications. I hate them and you seem to be on a lot of them. Maybe you are getting anxiety from taking so many at once. My symptoms of Dp/dr are still making my life a living hell. Physically I feel great but mentally I am messed up. I can't wait to see that damn holistic doctor next month and see if there's some hope. And also share with you and everyone what she tells me. Especially what she recommends for anxiety.

  • I agree. I will give celexa one more week then I may try to go back on Zoloft since it pulled me out of this funk before. Yes please share everything the holistic doctor says. I also feel like physically I am getting better but the brain is totally holding me back. Let's hope for a better day very soon for all of us.

  • I will pray for better days for all. And the brain is sure holding us back. It's ridiculous. It's been cloudy here in Cali and I don't know why but it sends this Dp/dr through the roof. I'm so tired of it. I wish it was a person so I can fight it. What part of the word are you in?

  • I am in Boston and it's been raining straight for the last two days as well as being very cold, does not help at all. I am with you regarding fighting, enough is enough!

  • Ha! Mass is my hometown. I don't miss that cold at all. And yes I had enough. Over 3 months of pure hell has me traumatized. I'm healthy, no drinking, no drugs, no depression, and what I thought was no anxiety and all of a sudden BAM! It's ridiculous

  • Try 6 months of pure hell! On top of all this my daughter has chronic pancreatitis and she probably needs major surgery next summer and it looks like my husband is going to lose his job. I guess the celexa must be helping somewhat. Thank god my parents and husband have been very helpful and my daughter is feeling good right now. My motto has always been one day at a time so that is coming in very handy. I just can't imagine working ( probably in 2 weeks). I am a PT so I have a physical job but I guess it will be what it will be. At least I have doctors and nurses around. I also couldn't imagine flying to MN for a week with my daughter and dad for her doctors and endoscopy but I did that last week and survived ( felt like crap though). I just so want to feel good and I feel like I can never relax, all my energy still goes into trying to stay upright. Right now I feel like my head is going to blow up and I really don't want to take meds but will have to. What part of Mass are you from? We live in Sharon, 30 minutes from Boston.

  • So sorry about your daughter and how you are feeling. I know it's tough but you have to hang in there and not let the brain win. It's a little witch! I know how hard it is to walk around feeling like pure crap mentally but if you keep doing it little by little it will get better. I am from the city of sin..... can you guess? Lol

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