Does anyone else get these symptoms?

Hi. I'm 19 and I'm not officially diagnosed with anxiety but I do have symptoms of anxiety. In past years I'd worry a lot, sweat, get rapid heartbeats, etc. I recently scared myself because I noticed a change in my eye sight (even after I went to two eye doctors a couple days and they said my eyes were fine) I looked my symptom up and MS popped up. This scared me so much because I'm afraid of death, so I try to avoid anything that involves it. (In the past months, I've convinced myself I have multiple diseases). Since then, I been worried, my left arm feels weak/wobbly, my muscles feel like they don't work, but they work fine when I use them, I can't concentrate, I get cold and hot flashes, I also get this feeling like I'm floating. It feels like I'm not in my body, sometimes. It gets worse when I'm hungry or tired. It goes away when I go to sleep. I've been really stressed lately because I'm working late hours and going to school at the same time. Does anyone get these symptoms, if so how do you control it?


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  • It sounds like you're having multiple symptoms of anxiety and I think what would help is to first try to control your anxiety and relax your muscles you know

  • Thank you!

  • Take some time out to just breathe. Slow and deep belly breaths, in for 5 and out for 5. And repeat that 5 to 10 times. Try to relax as best you can. At times when we are really busy and feel stressed out, any little thing can trigger anxiety and exacerbate related symptoms. So try to take it easy and relax.

  • Thank you!

  • Hello. The symptoms you have can also be symptoms of other things. Just because you you MS doesn't mean you are going to die. I know it's hard, but try to worry less and take care if the real issue, which is you. Try a good organic multi vitamin. Watch what you are eating also, exercise daily, if you don't already. Make sure to see a good doctor then go from there. Don't make yourself sicker than you already are. I hope you get better real soon.

  • I doubt I have it. I understand that I can live with MS, but I still don't want the disease, and plus I can't afford to see a neurologist to check to see if somethings there. I'll wait to see if the symptoms get worse, which they actually haven't. I still get the floating feeling. I get that when I'm tired. and I had a chalazia in my left eye and it popped on its on, making my vision in my left eye clearer than my right. I thought maybe my right eye got blurrier but that wasn't the case. My vision got better in my get eye because the bump finally went away.

  • Yeah I'm definitely gonna start exercising again. I feel much better when I do. Im also teaching myself how to eat healthier. It's super hard when my dad is cooking fried stuff all the time. Thanks for your advice & well wishes!

  • What is exactly going on with your eyesight ?

  • And the floating feeling didn't start until after I constantly looked up my symptoms

  • I find the more I look up my symptoms the more new ones I get. Looking up anxiety symptoms I find It's like going through the grocery store when you're hungry, more stuff just ends up in your cart that you don't need. Lol

    You will feel better

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