Anybody wanting help

I've suffered with health anxiety for 4 years now and had every symptom going and suffered really bad,causing it to affect my family and work,the past 9-10 months I'm not cured but have my old life back,am able to drive,which I couldn't do before,I've got a fantastic job that I love,u suffer from a few symptoms from time to time but I feel great! I've noticed a few ppl on here are suffering like I did,I'm not an expert but if anyone needs any advice or help I'm here xx


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  • What's your secret?

  • I tell myself there's nothing wrong with me and it's just anxiety playing it's little tricks,I know now how to control then and once u have conquered that then your nearly there

  • I need ur help i live with severed anxiety 7 month now with derealization i cant drive i cant stay alone can u help me

  • I feel your pain. I been dealing with derealization for 6 weeks now and my doctor reassurances me is from anxiety and panic so once we take care of that I will be back to normal but it's hard to believe. I wake up every day feeling hopefulness but I do funfion well. And by that I mean I am able to take my kids to school, drive, and stuff... all while battle my brain. It's hard. I been on Zoloft for 32 days and I haven't seen any major improvements. Do you take anything?

  • i took antidepressant before but now i got pregnant and my doctor told me i have to stop it for the baby so im living like that with my derealization i just want to wake up from that terrible dream and live my life normaly :) but im happy to talk with someone who live the same thing because no one can understand that even the doctor cant because u have to live it to understand it :)

  • Anxiety is so horrible and I've suffered long enough and had to tell myself this is ruining my life, all I wanted to be was normal like everyone else,so I did it,I got in my car and drove,I was that proud of myself I started doing other things I couldn't,it felt weird at first but the more I did it the more normal I became,now I get in my car and don't think about my anxiety,I can do normal things again and it feels great

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