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Constant symptoms without actual panic attacks??

I've been suffering from anxiety for about 8 months now. At first I would only have symptoms during and after a panic attack. I learnt to control and deal with my panic attacks about 4 months ago, and I haven't had a single one for about 3 months. However, I constantly now have these symptoms: weakness, fatigue, fast heart rate, slightly dizzy, muscle aches, eye pain, and a general heavy/tired/unwell feeling. They are present every day, all day. They sometimes subside when i am laying down or sitting reading/on my laptop however they get worse when i stand or walk or do any light exercise. I can ignore them and carry on with my day usually but sometimes they are too much to bear and I have to sleep just to feel normal again. I am constantly worrying that I have a major health problem as I have all of these symptoms without the actual panic attacks happening. Is it possible to feel these symptoms from anxiety without having the actual panic attacks happening? Or are these symptoms not related to anxiety at all?

Any help would be very appreciated - Alex.

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Hi :-) what you are describing are actually anxiety attacks...your body is tired from all it's fighting...I've just posted on another persons wall...anxiety is fighting or running away from a danger..our danger with anxiety isn't real...we are fighting something invisable....if you get too worried..make an appointment to see your gp and explain EVERYTHING :-)

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You just describe me literally what i go through daily or sometimes on and off.


This sounds familiar. I had this and spent ages trying to tell my doctor, but I'm not panicking! Eventually I got the therapy and she said exactly what's been said here, this +is+ the anxiety. And stress and exhaustion.

If you ran a race for a year your body would protest. And fighting fear, living with fear, is like that.

I had a year of therapy/counselling to feel normal again. It's not totally fixed, but now I believe that my head can cause physical symptoms even fsintness, shortness of breath etc just like you say -feels like you're getting heart disease but it is fatigue plus your brain trying to get your attention...

Do seek some support, and good luck. It does get better. -worrymagic


Thanks for the replies. So you can get symptoms like this from anxiety without the attacks then? Because I know i'm definitely not having an actual panic attack all day almost every day haha...also i never hyperventilate anymore or breathe fast/heavily so can you still get dizziness etc without doing that?


I've been feeling exactly like you for the past year maybe. I've been dealing with anxiety for 3 years now. Now sometimes even though I don't feel anxious or having an anxiety attach I do feel all the physical symptoms. I have been to 3 doctors and they all told me it's anxiety. Your body is just used to anxiety and trying somehow to get it all out. You might not feel anxious but you body does. Hope that makes sense!


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