Weird symptoms....anxiety?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this board, so not really sure how it all works! I'm hoping someone could advise me.

I am a 32 year old female, I have a long history of generalised anxiety (GAD) and experienced my first major panic attack aged 11. My anxiety, although always there does improve sometimes and worsens other times. I had my 3rd child 13 weeks ago and since the day he was born my anxiety has gotten worse than its ever been, particularly surrounding my health. I felt mentally and physically ill after the symptoms were neck pain/back/shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, blurred vision, tingling face/lips, tingling hands/feet the list goes on! Then when he was 9 days old I felt even more ill and ended up being admitted to hospital with suspected sepsis as my blood crp was raised to 107. I was kept in for 3 days and given iv antibiotics until I was given the all clear (turned out not to be sepsis but they treated me for it as a precaution). They never gave me a diagnosis. Anyway since then my anxiety escalated further to the point where I didn't sleep AT ALL for 3 full nights, was experiencing numerous panic attacks every day and suffering severe palpitations. I was prescribed diazepam which helped me sleep and 40mg of fluoxetine. Since getting the medication my anxiety symptoms have improved significantly. However, I am still left with the following symptoms every single day: sore neck/shoulders/rib cage, occasional blurred vision and/or tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo and tingling lips. My question is...does anyone else have similar? my GP is very quick to blame anxiety for it all but I always have the doubt in the back of my mind that something else is going on. my BP is normal and recent bloods came back clear. I've recently had my eyes tested and the gp had had a look in my ears, all was normal.

I have started avoiding anything that involves too much walking as I constantly feel dizzy or like I'm going to fall over. I use the pram like a walking frame and feel really dizzy if I don't have it to lean on. The dizziness is very often accompanied by severe nausea. what the hell is going on? TIA xx


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  • Definitely could be anxiety I get most these symptoms but just try to ignore them and go on. I get dizzy in crowds a lot .

  • I do have those, they're pretty bad right now but I'm hoping it will improve when my sinus infection clears. These are my main symptoms and they scare me, very unsettling. It's better when I lie down so I stay in bed as much as I can. You probably cant do much of that with the babies. Valium really helps but I only have a few so I save for when I'm desperate. You might try the Valium if you can get some.

  • Anxiety can be exasperated greatly postpartum because of hormones. I would see a doc who believes in hormone therapy and have him/her check your progesterone and estrogen levels to see if you need hormone help.

  • Definitely have the same symptoms . the constant dizziness even when I lie down feel like I'm on a boat. is what bothers me and keeping me worried the most. I get the terrible ringing ears from time to time, when I do go out like to a store , I feel like my dizziness arrives again my vision gets wierd. I get tension in my neck from time to time . truly kind if hard to think it all boils down to anxiety . the nausea comesand goes through out my day. head fullness , head pressure , the mild headaches . it's alot to try to sit through and accept every day

  • I would say it's postpartum you have anxiety in general and it can get way worse post birth because of hormones, brain chemical changes and just the general demand of being a new mother. You have had tests done so you need to believe it's due to that, take care of yourself and get the right treatment.

    I had a very similar experience after having my second child I'm still struggling but better.

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