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Human body is an amazing thing

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Hi everyone

Our bodies are giving us sensations that scare us but can i just tell you that in fact our bodies are wonderful so don't be scared of its message to you. We are strong. We are resilient. We are brave. We can face anything and survive.

My story today is that yesterday i had major eye surgery (cataract at age 52 😲) and i was petrified. My blood pressure was high but hey that is NORMAL when the body is under stress. My pulse rate was 125 but hey NORMAL given that i had sat in a bed for 5 hours waiting and waiting and waiting. I had sedation and anaesthetic and felt totally off the planet but hey that was NORMAL given that i was having a major operation. I woke up disoriented and had no memory of much but hey NORMAL!

Today i had the patch taken off and felt a bit of panic and anxiety but hey...yep you guessed it...NORMAL because my eye is adjusting to being able to see again.

So my point today is that our bodies are wonderful and marvellous and the treatments available to us are almost miraculous. I can see clearly - pupil is still dilated but i just think I look like a startled possum! All you anxious people who are worried about their fast heart beat or their dizziness or their tight throat or their difficult breathing or their feelings of detachment and on and on it goes, please know that you body is sending you a message. That message is that it thinks it is under threat and is trying to get your attention. So now it has your attention, do something about it - slow down, go into nature, reduce stress, eat well, love hard but most of all, stop focussing on the symptoms. They are not dangerous but they will keep you in the loop.

Anyway enough from me and my post-anaesthetic ramblings. I did the hardest thing (gave up control to someone ) and gave my trust to the surgeon and i came through with flying colours - and now i can see beautiful colours too!!

Love and peace and clear vision to all



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Glad things went well :) I'll be praying for a speedy recovery !πŸ’•

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