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Had amazing night with my wife & daughter then it went downhill for me

After another stressful day at work & a long 12.5hr shift I was looking forward to our night in together. We decided to have a sea food night in with some beautiful dishes. Lobster, crab, scallops, prawns etc with some red wine. Best valentines we've ever had until bed time ! I woke up at 4 with my heart racing pains in my arms & right calf muscle thinking this is it this time just waiting for my body to give up. Couldn't get back to sleep got up watched tv went back to bed heart racing again ,chest pains . Im having counciling once a fortnight which is helping I'm back at the doctor's Tuesday I'm feeling so unwell lately I'm wondering if work is to much for me how much stress can our bodies take before something gives.

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Working 12 hr shifts is no good for anyone, and speaking from experience I know, but anxiety can cause a lot of problems as well. To help with your racing heart try breathing in slowly counting to 4 then hold your breath count again then when you breathe out imagine you are blowing a candle out I hope it helps.

Take care Kenny


Yes that does definitely help kenny thanks for replying take care yourself.


Hi that does sound like a very long shift?

Do you have to do such long hours .?

You were probably just exhausted and then we keep going on a false

Energy. Take care of yourself .



The long shift was a one off I had to cover someone else who had booked the day off. I felt really tired I thought i would of slept through ok. Well i did start off ok i just woke up & couldn't get back off. My councilor told me not to lie there it makes things worse & she's right it does.

Thanks for replying hannah.


Hi Cherub, I hope you are feeling better now. That was a very long shift you did. Concentrating on deep breathing is a great way to calm down. I also count backwards from 100 to 1 I sometimes count down in 3's aswell I do this change my mindset. I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.

Take care xx


I am feeling a bit better now thank you I will try the counting good idea not tried that before. I did the deep breathing it does work for me thanks for your advice xx


Hey cherub

Check out "Headspace "

It's a form mindfulness:)

Try to do this everyday, it will help to keep things calm. X


Ok thank you I'll check it out

Thanks for replying. X


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