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Things Are Never as Scary as You Imagine in Your Head.


Hi everyone,

I am an anxiety sufferer & natural worrier.

Yesterday I booked a paraglide, I'm in Queenstown, NZ on holiday & wanted to do something which challenged me.

I'm a total control freak, hate flying in planes as I feel out of control. So this was a big step!

(After the day in a plane by myself it took me to get here)

Spent all last night in bed worrying, I then had my first sleep paralysis/night terror episode in yonks.

I kept imagining the worst cars scenario, what if the parachute collapsed, what if we get tangled with a bird, what if we collide with another paraglider etc etc

Was petrified on the mini bus ride up the peak, but I went through with it. I'm still here to tell the tale & yes I would probably do it again.

There is a saying "do one thing every day that scares you", I think it is good advice. Now when I'm sweating the small stuff I can remind my self of the day I jumped off a cliff with nothing but an oversized kite attached to me!

Bungy next?! Erm maybe not!

K xx

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I did a similar thing last year. I hsve a deep fear of flying. So last year I pushed myself to fly twice.



Glad you enjoyed your paragliding experience and well done to you.



That's great,well done,I would have done the exact same worrying as you "what if"

Nice you even thought of us while in NZ.

HI Aberkaz. That's awesome! I completely agree with what you are saying. I was petrified of flying for no reason after having flown throughout my life, and I pushed myself to get on a plane. Once you've taken that step it's like a huge sense of achievement and you look at everything differently.

I have to say I don't ever think I could push myself to paraglide! Lol. Although I imagine the views were amazing. Good on you ! :)


wow, if your moto is to do something everyday that scares you then i think you have done enough to cover the whole year my friend!!!!!!!!! well bloody done for being so god dame brave........i feel silly now i got all worked up last week just going into a school to watch a play:)

Cheers for the comments everyone xx

Hi Aberkaz, fantastic. You felt the fear but did it anyway! The what ifs can paralyse you if you let them. My head is always full of what ifs but if we can manage to get past that it often isn't as bad as we imagined. Keep remembering that and I hope it spurs you on to do more! All the best.


One thing for sure the IF thing does no good at all, and how well you have done re the fall.

Best word is accept the situation as re the flight I say you cant do a thing anyway.

I know about the panic and the feeling , but I have learnt one thing it does pass in time.

Its always worst at night time ..B

Why do one thing a day that scares you. In our condition surely this will make things worse?

Because It makes you realise, all the negative, worrying, anxious thoughts in our heads (that makes us scared & apprehensive to do something) are normally just that, in our heads & the reality turns out fine.

Facing fears head on may not work for everyone but for me it builds my confidence.


I think we all are natural born worriers . Some of us worry more and some less some we learn to out grow it . I suffered it since I was little , I used to blush so easy , and still but not so much to this day I still do especially if I have to speak up in front of a group wether they friends or not . I used to think that no boy liked me then if one spoke to me I used to think he was interested in me ! This is something I can,t control ! Why ? I can,t work very comfy with males cause I think they are interested in me . It is not normal or is it ? This started at a very young teenage age now I,m 60 yrs so embarrassing ! I seem to distance myself from the maes although I secretly want to be in contact to have a normal conversation and stop thinking does he fancy me . You all must laugh at this cause all girls these days seem so natural with males around them and banter and flirt , end of . It ruins my marriage cause I keep thinking oh he must like me then I think my husband was unsuitable then I forget about it all . Then it restarts if I ,m in contact with another male , sometimes I wish they were ugly then it don,t bother me . I must be crazy or does anyone else feel like it ?


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