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Pretty neat thing to do


Hey all, I’ve risen from the ashes of the worst anxiety over the last 5 years. I’m happy to say that it’s under control now, but it does come back up and I defeat it with action; being scared and doing it anyway.

My biggest thing is driving next to concrete walls and on lower levels in big cities. I know it sounds weird but I will do anything I can to avoid doing this. I will take side roads, etc.

well the last few weeks I’ve decided to not take the easy way because, though my life would be simpler and stress free, I still wouldn’t be winning and I would still be letting fear write my story. SO today I was having a hard time and I decided to take a picture of this moment of fear so I could look at it from another angle and it took the fear away completely. I’m realizing this is so effective because when I take a picture, im looking at my fear for what it is. There’s no fear in it. In fact there’s a calming beauty to it. You can’t see my fearful thoughts in it at all.

Next time you’re scared, take a picture and it might help you look at things for what they really are

I hope this helps

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Hi rockster321, good to hear from you. I remember those horrific days you went

through. So glad things are looking up. All in time, all in time. :)

I like that idea about taking a picture of what we fear.

Thanks for sharing that idea. I learn so many helpful ways on this site.

Continued success. Proud of how far you've gotten. Take care. :)

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Thank you, Agora. Yeah this site and the people here have and are a great resource. You’ve always been there and are someone that people count on. Always appreciate you!

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Agreed, the photo thing is a very good idea (for things that can have photos taken of them)!

Hey rockster321, glad to hear you are doing well. That is a good idea about taking a picture of the thing or things that cause fear and panic. But as for me I find that most of my fear comes from within me. As in my thoughts. If that makes any sense. But maybe I should take a selfie when I am feeling high anxiety or panic. Maybe that will help in some sort weird way. Are you still in Tampa? God bless you and take care ✌

Yeah definitely! I’m no longer in FL, though I miss it!

Thanks for this tip rockster321, always useful to have another string to our bow. x

I fear driving freeways especially when there is construction and no shoulder. Common in California

Most days my panic attacks come from driving. I think it’s my nervous system that causes everything.

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