How much can our bodies handle?

Does anyone know how much our bodies can handle anxiety? Like can it truly end up killing us? Not in the moment ovviously but theres gotta be a certain point our bodies befin to breakdown due to it? I just dont see how this can be healthy ir OKAY.. other than its a natural FIGHT OR FLIGHT but i remember reading somewhere that too much of this for too long isnt healthy.. is that true? I thoght i knew everything there is to know abot anxiety but im at work and was involved in a different post i made an hiur or two ago and it made me think how much can our bodies truly handle with anxiety symptoms? I mean sure its not deadly but how much of it can make it become deadly? Like idk th stress of it could be harmful to our bodies?


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  • People have went through this for 40 years and are still alive. Our bodies are not going through it every min or every sec of the day... we just think they are. This is the last thought you should ever want to think. This will not kill you. Please do not research that.❤️

  • I like to reaearch everybing knowledge is power even if it makes me worry more i hust like to learn i guess lol we have to come to the conclusion as we are all gonna die one day lol

  • You are right, knowledge is power. However, anyone can put anything on the internet. So when you research "how much can a body take from anxiety" and someone post a article that you have only a couple of years to live... what do you do then? Are you going to recover faster or your going to wait for those two years and see if you die? I think something's are healthy to research and other things are not healthy for our minds to assimilate. When I went to my group therapy, then first thing the professor stated was "Anxiety cannot kill you." And then class began.

  • Yeah i always hear that too but i figure they are just refferring to the ONSIGHT anxiety and not the LONG TERM affect i mean doctors say too much stress isnt healthy because it can cause longn term affects that you see later down the road such as lck of sleep which can lead to something so my initial thing is if anxiety is from stress then it cant be healthy.. i am no doctor but to me i feel it truly cant be good.. which is why i thought about this.. i have been told and have come to learn after 5 years of dealing with this its not gonna kil lyou but i always took that into consideration as they mean it while your having anxiety it cant kill you but im currently looking into the long term affects it can have.. they say too much of anything isnt good for you too much water can kill you lol i mean this isbjust my thoghts but im very curious i just like learning about this stuff idk lol

  • I believe there has never been a death certificate where 'Anxiety' is given as the cause of death. People die of heart attacks because they eat too much saturated fat NOT because of anxiety. Their livers pack up because they have drunk too much alcohol NOT because of anxiety. They get cancer because they smoke too many cigarettes or eat an unhealthy diet NOT because of anxiety. And they die of strokes because of high blood pressure due to arteriosclorosis caused by poor diet and too much salt NOT because of anxiety.

    In my case my anxiety disorder is genetic so I will never be completely free but I minimise the anxiety by practicing acceptance techniques, fortunately I discovered Claire Weekes' book within a few months of experiencing anxiety for the first time. That was 42 years ago so if anxiety could kill you I think it would have killed me before now.

  • Love this.

  • Yeah thats reassuring :) but i was just very curious about that lol how much can our bodies truly handle and that make sense i mean it was common sense about all that stuff cigarettes being deadly and drinkig and everything you said but even so its something i thought about lol thank you all who responded :) it wasnt a worry it was more of one of those moments where you get high and just like think randomd crap lol like the memes we see on pot or being stone lol althought i wasnt high and dont plan on ever being high but it was just curiousity haha i rant too much

  • You are a wise man Jeff ,great post 👍

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